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Location; United States of America
City/Town: Chicago
State: Illinois

About Me:

Sign: Cancer / The Crab.
Between the good, the bad and the ugly, been there, and did experience a broad spectrum of activities.


animals, astrology, birds, cloud shapes, computers, country music, drawing and oil painting, esp, electronics, health, herbs, magik, medicine, metaphysics, new physics, occult, old log cabins, old barns, old bibles, plants, psionics, pyramids, radionics, reading, religion, remote viewing, trees.

Favorite Movies:

Ghost Whisperer, Medium, original Star Trek, original Crown Affair, House, Dance With the Wolves, Pretty Woman, Al Pacino – Scent of a Woman, Dirty Dancing,
Broken Trail, Quigley Down Under.

Favorite Music:

Favorite Books:
Mysteries, westerns, certain biographies, bible, religion, occult, metaphysical, and healing. Secret of the Ages by Robert Collier. The God in You by Robert Collier.