# 61 Talker on Sunburn – Tan vs Skin Cancer

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# 61 Talker on Sunburn – Tan vs Skin Cancer

Better late than never. Anyway, as a teenager, I recall that most of the time, I could be out in the sun with only two results. Beet red and tender to the touch or a tanned skin and no sunburn. Had often questioned ‘why’ the two extremes, but never followed up on it. Until recently.

Even with all the scare talk about skin cancers when in the sun to long, and others yelping at me, when I stripped down to the waist line while outside, I did what I felt was good for my body. Now in all fairness, will admit, there were two instances long ago, of sheer agony and fire red skin.
(patting on, NOT rubbing, with apple cider vinegar took care of that situation)
Otherwise, it was those first warm spring days with plenty of sunshine, that beckoned me to an outdoor sunning session. This goes back many decades, either as on a lake beach, working in the farm field, laying concrete, in the garden or with lawn work. Just the past few days was with a couple hours of sun and skin greeting each other.

So, what did I recently discover!

(in the sun)
Pale skin = red burnt skin color, if body improperly nourished.
Pale shin = tanned skin color, if body properly nourished.

If improperly nourished, there is no natural ‘sun screen’ present in the body, and one gets the red sun burnt skin look.
If properly nourished, there is a natural ‘sun screen’ present in the body, giving the tanned skin look

Now I wonder how this ‘body properly nourished’ and sun bathing applies to others, regards sunburn or tan!
Be Well

An interesting write and video, go into greater detail on all this ‘sunning good for you’ aspect, and what good body nourishment involves.

Touches upon the term “redneck’, use of ‘tanning’ parlors, and why dark skinned races may need more sun.

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