# 22 Talker On Sexual Energy Gender Related

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# 22 Talker On Sexual Energy Gender Related

That humans function within the gender principle, is a given. Yet there are such mixed emotions on the how and what of it, as pertains to humans, that serious thought needs to be applied to the concept.The mere mention of ‘that’s a man’, or ‘that’s a woman’, automatically shifts one into category or classification mode. Some times humorously at another’s expense. But is it really understood by the thinker or user of those terms, on what is meant, besides a him or her thought!

While there are certain differences between male and female emotions and how handled, there is more ‘in common’ between the two sex’s than is commonly acknowledged or admitted.

Also femininity and masculinity while generally applied to the female/male form, and from what I’ve read / heard and feel, is grossly misapplied in numerous instances. Boy’s don’t cry or girl’s just don’t act like that, are starters for what I feel is an incorrect application. Of course, the shedding of tears while watching a tender event or scene by a male is taboo, no real male sheds tears, right! Who needs a sissy title! How about female executives or wrestlers? Hey, a woman belongs in the kitchen and taking care of the kids, right!
Slowly balance is taking place with both genders.

That’s what it’s all about, balance. Fairness, equality, common sense applies with many, or lacks with many, depending on circumstances. Feminine/masculine traits show up in various ways with each gender. Now I won’t presume to speak for any females, so will stick to my male biased perspective of what is said here. If one is male, and still has a modicum of testosterone left in the body, and a pleasing female form passes by, male traits will or can rapidly set in. Having, as Jimmy Carter once stated ‘lustful thoughts’, is not necessarily wrong, but if any male aggressiveness kicks in and applied, that is wrong. Have noticed the facial expressions on some females subjected to unasked for looks and whistles by coworkers, some were pleased, some showed disgust. Have overheard comments though by some females on the passing by of a male, ‘wow, look at that ass’, indicating some what, that hormones and testosterone flow in both sexes. There is often though, the overlooking and feeling of the soul beauty involved.
The intermingling of emotions and energies other than the momentary pleasure of the sex act.

So am I so wrong in enjoying the viewing a rose and inhaling it’s fragrance with delight! Is it weakness to have ones breath momentarily held by the beauty of a sunrise or sunset! Try to explain the stage fright of delivering a child with the joy and emotions of the moment. Beauty is beauty, regardless if meditation, animal, plant, landscape or a human in involved. If what ever I’m viewing and experiencing at the time is pleasing, why not enjoy that moment. The femininity/masculinity emotions chemistry, being released in any given moment, can only be coped with by letting it happen or hiding them. Our choice of which one to allow.

Males seem to frown at tears in a male, even some females view it as a weakness.
So be it. Supposedly that’s my female side manifesting, do I care if you observe me in those modes of awe, nope not one bit, even though being seen in that mode is not fully understood by all. Must admit though that there were a few occasions that I had to seek privacy to let the tears of joy or sorrow flow unimpeded. For what ever the mismatch reasons of energies involved, am unable to share the emotions of some events with another present. Oh well, another period of learning to face.
So I feel that some semblance of balance deep within, of the gender principle working for me. How is it working for you!

I was the most naive young pup of the litter. Had no clue at all, of what sex was all about. In fact if any had asked me, at that young age, ‘what sex are you’, I would probably have asked ‘what does the word mean?’. Landing on the farm at a young age, was how I became aware of what sex involved. Mom, (bless her) would cover my eyes, if an animal was mating. Of course that prompted a ‘what they doing!’ comment from me. Sheesh. One of my brothers kind of clued me in, never did become aware how he learnt what sex meant. Of course what I was told from the brother, was that they were Fu…ing. Wow, new word, and promptly made mom aware of it. (Pow, across the face and prayer time for forgiveness. My second dad was more down to earth and secretly mentioned ‘that’s how baby calves are made and is called mating’. OOh! Thanks dad. Now a new awareness was in place, and sure enough, there was plenty to observe now. Cows, bulls, sheep, hogs, ducks, chickens, goats, birds, geese, and squirrels all DID IT. Became so common place, that the mating process was only an indicator of when the next additions were going to arrive. Finally became aware that the same process applied to people. What! Will leave the story telling of that for another time.

Depending on numerous circumstances, sexual activity, can manifests in either pleasure or pain. Here, I speak not only of physical pain, but of pain or conflict at ones inner level. Personally, my thoughts trend along the lines that many unhappy situations in life, have root in the sex related area of ones life. Aware or not, the sexual function covers far more than is spoken about or on.

Now, to have an unbalanced focus with our physical and spiritual nature, will greatly influence how we act it out, as we progress along the maturity scale. Ones early childhood, is also where an unbalanced focus can start. Apart from certain other factors, ones sexual orientation can have taken form at this early age (causing for some) severe conflicting emotions, in their teens. Fetish’s upon reaching a (hot to trot) stage of life, can often be traced to those formative childhood years. Ones inclinations toward relationships, will be based on how their own home relationships were experienced and observed. All experience, regardless of age, are either (neatly or chaotically) tucked away deep within. Aware or not, some of those buried experiences can lead to funny, hurtful, crazy, angry or beautiful manifestations as life progress’s.

To experience the beautiful aspects of sexual activity, is only a sample of what awaits one, when through unconditional love, and the eventually passing on, takes place. The downside of some sexual activity, are the horrors and pain inflicted, intentional or unintentional, regardless of age.

How these deeply rooted experiences can surface, is covered in story form in a few of my blog posts. Much more can be related here, so will do so as the spirit arrives and moves me.

Ones health is also impacted through how sexual undertones surface, and is another story telling. Yes, The Christ spirit can be uncovered and displayed, may take time and effort though.

No, I’m not sex focused, but sex awareness is there and used. Is part of the learning curve of life and achieving balanced perspectives leading to spiritual harmony.

Lets see, where was that! Oh yes, one gent from way back was supposed to have said something like ‘The things I do, that I ought not, and The things I do that I ought not, that I do’, or words close to that. (Romans 7:15-24)
Anyhow, lets face it, we are out of the spirit world and for awhile using the fleshly body. Of course there is also that thing called ‘mind’ that is very curious about this worldly experience. One should keep in mind though, that the creative process is a prime and very powerful force. Regardless of how serious or humorously it arrives, there is little gained by just denying it. One way or another that creative force will demand expression. Outlets for this creative force takes many forms. Art, sports, automobiles, roller skating, bicycling and so forth, are part and parcel of the expressions of the creative force.

A pleasing process for some and a horror process for others, depending on circumstances involved. For a few, the pilot light has gone out, leading to a dull existence, if no other creative outlets are pursued.

Wonderful expressing and sharing of thoughts here on a, sadly, near taboo subject. Almost like you folks were reading my thoughts here, leaving me with a Gomer Pyle ‘Golly’. Well, I did roller skate four times a week, climbed small mountains, enjoy art, drawing and still had time for…..oh oh, time to go silent for awhile.

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3 comments to # 22 Talker On Sexual Energy Gender Related

  • Hi Dear Talker,

    I enjoy the way you speak openly about subjects that many are open to hearing about and would like to express, yet don’t due to underlying beliefs instilled that ‘we don’t say things like that’ idea.

    The best way ‘to it’ is through it.

    I nodded, smiled and laughed and nodded and mused.

    Well said my friend.

    Blessings InLove,


  • Thank you Julia. Numerous life difficulties exist due to those who just don’t want to address certain life problems. When certain issues finally explode into the newspaper headlines, the issues are primarily from well established bias. Some even maim or kill in order to prove a point, others use religious viewpoints. Where did common-sense disappear too!
    Be Well

  • I agree the issues are primarily from well established bias. Of each one’s own perception. Many are still relating from the vulnerable child level and not accepting due to not realizing that they are of the age to make new choices. This is a possibility in all of us if all else has been ruled out.

    As Allan Hardman said from his ‘The Perfect Dream’ book,

    ‘People are rarely interested in hearing that their opinions and beliefs are not “true”outside of their own minds.’

    With that thought in mind to consider …

    if we are indeed dreaming all of this up, we all being dreamers of the dream, then, why are so many choosing to dream up these kinds of dreams?

    You have shared often and I agree, it just may be that they believe the dream is The reality.

    Gandhi said, ‘When attention is focused on the body more, the Soul languishes.’

    I see these acts as coming from Souls that are not understanding of what is really real and forgetting to take a thought like this to heart and let it simmer awhile ~

    ‘It is best to learn as we go, not go as we learned.’

    ~ Leslie Jeanne Sahler

    Blessings, Be Well InLove,


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