# 35 Talker on Defocused Living

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# 35 Talker on Defocused Living

Strange world at times, when one finally realizes ‘again’, that for some reason
you’ve drifted into ‘lost focus of goals’. Insidiously this ‘drifting’ aspect creeps up so innocently one just doesn’t realize that it happened ‘again’.

One evening I’m questioning ‘what the dickens is happening here, that these
negative energies are piling up in my life path’!

In pops the thought ‘you’ve lost focus’. Huh! So I go enter into my Alpha level, and
start rooting around. Sheesh, my inner Babbler was dragging up numerous details
of negative events for ‘inspection’. Not ‘one’, but a dozen of them. Oh boy, now
slips in the light of day. Yup, I hadn’t ‘fixed’ some little events, and slowly others
had crept in, making a ‘big’ flow of negative energies. Ah, now I’m aware of the
changes that had slowly changed my ‘focus’.

So, what to do!
Ah, go into the blog and reread my own advice as posted.
Back the road again, to ‘How I want my life path experiences to unfold’.
Be Well

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