# 58 Talker To Huna Research Institute

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# 58 Talker To Huna Research Institute

To the Huna Research Institute managed by Vince Wingo, and any Huna practitioners that are unaware of what this post is all about, here is the nub of it.

My gripe is not about Huna. My gripe is about a set of DVD’s purchased from Vince Wingo, of very poor quality. Oddly my first effort toward redress, was not for a refund, but that perhaps an error was made and I was shipped the wrong set of DVD’s. Not receiving any response to my emails and being banned from making contact with Vince through his Huna blogs, did start to annoy me.

So there we have Vince Wingo hiding place behind all of his blog’s doing a ‘ban’ on me to prevent my posting the truth about the poor quality of the $397.00 DVD set ‘Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power Training ‘.
Of course Vince Wingo alludes to those requesting redress, as ‘not practicing the drills, but failing to mention the poor quality DVD disk set being the reason.

Have read all of Max Freedom Long’s books, to my advantage, and thought that the Huna Research Institute had gained further information regards Huna. Wow, I had purchased a $397.00 DVD set of ‘Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power Training ‘ only to hear you (Vince Wingo) practically repeat the Huna information directly from Max Freedom Long’s books. Nothing new, just a drawn out repeat from the books!
I have the DVD set to prove what I say here.

Having used Silva Mind training methods successfully for decades, was surprised to see and hear Mr. Vince Wingo present the familiar Silva sound and countdown technique (on the purchased DVD disk set) for a meditation session. Next surprise was Mr. Vince Wingo getting a person up front to show a method that looked like I was now watching the familiar Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine DVD disks, that I also have used for two years. All this in the guise that these were Huna secrets.

Here I am with a poorly produced set of DVD’s, that have loud buzzing, fading audio, a meditation session that requires one to change DVD disk while in meditation, listening to the Silva sound and countdown. Very disappointed.

So when I asked for redress on the purchased DVD disk set, all my emails were totally ignored and I was banned from Vince Wingo blogs, unable to contact him.
This fearful preacher lists my name in his blog and says ‘Patrick goes by the name “The Talker” online where he uses the anonymity of the Internet to stalk, harass, and defame) Wow! Asking for redress is stalking and harassment!

Well Vince at least I don’t hide from anyone. The mere fact that you were able to get my information proves I’m not hiding behind any anonymity wall as you claim.

Anyway, what I’m doing here readers, is responding to Vince Wingos request for folks to report ‘my activities’ to him. Vince, even though you’ve never responded to my email requests for redress regards my purchase, and banned me from all your blogs so I cant post the truth of it, all you needed to do is ‘ask’.

I have to blog it on my site though, don’t I, as none of your web sites allow me to log-in to contact you, nor does the Huna Research Institute acknowledge my emails, due to your hiding from me with a BAN that prevents contact with you.
But here it is, per your request for folks to report my activities, in your blogs ‘Crimestoppers’ post.

What is your side of the story Vince, what actually ‘set’ you off regards this issue!
Care to respond on my blog or with an email!

(Link sent to Huna Research Institute via their ‘Contact Us’ page)

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