# 59 Open Letter to All Huna Practitioners

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# 59 Open Letter to All Huna Practitioners

What say ye, Huna Practitioners, regards this post!

Mr. Vince Wingo you had posted my name and address on your blog rather then
resolve this little issue privately, and you did so without any notice or
communication with me. So be it.
‘What goes around comes around’ as the saying goes.
You want ‘public’ you got it.

(In that this so called Huna master refused to answer any emails sent him, and had banned me from posting on his website, and listed my name on his website, I must admit that, that did rile me. So I blogged my response and sent him a copy, as he requests others to do in order for him to track my actions)

(This same self-appointed, Huna master, that own’s the HRI refuses to respond to emails sent asking ‘why a simple business transaction riled him so!)

(And this so called Huna master, that I had bought the DVD set from,
lists names and addresses of any that dare to ask redress for a poorly produced
set of Huna DVD’s he sells, and to post
‘CrimeStoppersPosted by Rev. James Vincent Wingo, DD on July 21, 2010 at
4:02pm in Q&A
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Please report any illegal activity, including bootlegging and Internet fraud.
If you have any additional information on the following, please let us know.)

(This same so called Huna master ‘talks the talk’, yet is unable to ‘walk the walk’ )
“Pick-A-Fight” or Hooponopono
The Internet is relatively anonymous and, because the regular “social cues” like
voice tone and gestures are absent, Internet communications often lead to
misunderstandings. Nasty comments, even death threats, have become a regular
problem on virtually any website that encourages open discussion. To keep
harmony, any member may call a Ho’oponopono. The honorable practice of
Ho’oponopono corrects, restores, and maintains good relationships among family
members, people, the land, and with the gods or God by getting to the causes
and sources of trouble. Ho’oponopono was originally the Ancient practice of
extended family members (ohana) meeting to “make right” the family relations.

(Read the full hard to get a refund story here)

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