# 4 Talker & The Babbler : On The God Concept

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( “Tap tap,Yo, Talker, it’s me Babbler, do I have your attention?” ) Yup, I’m listening, what woke you up ? (“Seems you have been having a string of “God” questions, floating around that I’ve been bumping into lately” says Babbler) Well, I’ve been busy, but “what are you asking”? (Babbler comes back with “what’s this, yes there is a God, but not a God like many people are led to believe.” ) Okay, I’ll explain it to….. ( Babbler interrupts with “and would you please clarify, those loose thoughts about the Bible, that are being mingled in with the God-thoughts.”). You just couldn’t have a nice simple go at it, with my speaking about God only, could you. (” Well, it’s been some while since you let me sneak in and inquire” snaps Babbler). If you promise not to interrupt or ask any more questions I’ll continue. (With big sigh-like sound Babbler says. “Okay”) Recognized is the fact, that nothing will truly be resolved, by my voicing what I think about God and religion, as being closer to the reality of it. Some will say “you need faith”, “you need to believe”, “it’s not for us to question” or some similar type statement. Blind faith, I do not have, but faith in a higher power, is, what I have, and, that differs from my childhood religion. Yes, I do believe there is a “something” involved, and it does “respond”, in a difficult to comprehend fashion. Like “electricity” no one can really give a “real” explanation. But we do “use it” every day, don’t we. Theories abound, hundreds of books talk about electricity, but still, nothing explains. “What electricity is”. The same applies to religion and the Bible. I find that the web is loaded with things about God, religions and the Bible. These are all difficult topics, that do require, either an open mind, blind faith or a “so what attitude “.

There are over six billion people in this world and each person has his or her own thoughts about God. How can a person know for sure what God is really like?
At some point in your life, you may have had some of the following questions:
Does God exist?
Is there a gender to God?
Is there a heaven and hell?
If so, how does one go to heaven or hell?
What determines, which place one goes too?
Why are there so many religions and which one is right?
Is the Bible really true?
Is any one bible, more true than another?
Is it “Jesus Christ” or “Jesus The Christ”?

So here we go again. Ask the above question to a thousand people, and you’re likely to get a thousand different answers. And to each, and every one of them, it could be their truth, but not necessarily true. Wow! As is the case, the past does not supply answers, and who knows what the future will bring. Everything, but what I want to know. People talk about God, like scientist talk about electricity, and some of it sounds pretty good. Much of it is even believable, taken with a grain of salt. From what I’ve read, God spoke to many people in the Old Testament. What was the form of that speaking? Was it actually a voice coming down from the clouds? Or was it as I call it “a feeling tone”! So what has happened since those old days, if it was an actual voice coming down from the clouds, why isn’t it still happening! Watch out though, you will get a long vacation in an institution, if you mention hearing voices from the clouds, to certain authorities.Questions like these, made into a list, would be endless. Many were the times Babbler, that I did not pursue questions like the following: Is God, a male or a female? Not that it’s important, but would there be ethnic traits? Where would this God be located? If as some say, “God is in your heart” and if you get a heart transplant, do you get that persons God? How does one prove the existence of a heaven or a hell? When the question comes up on why are there so many religions, it’s like that old saying, “different strokes for different folks”, and that the right one, is the one, that you believe in. In view of all the controversy, regards God and religion, and that’s not going to change in the foreseeable future, is there any resolve! I sure don’t have an answer, and it appears that no one else, has either. Somewhat humorously, my Babbler just brought up, mention of what I had posted on my blog “Truth Is Like A Rubber Band.” So now, in that I cannot further clarify the God concept, I close with the following thoughts: That which I say now, may seem to contradict what I have written, but that is not my intent. My “feeling tones” indicate that there is a power, that I call God. That this God-Power, shares with all life forms, a difficult to explain, oneness. That we are unique in our individual awareness, but common with the oneness, of what is called, God .Of course there are a lot of blanks to be filled in yet. Little things, like angels, devils, heaven and hell, prayers and curses, good and evil. Looking forward to it. Like my mother used to say, “if the shoe fits, wear it”. Well, I have one shoe on, wonder what the other shoe will bring!

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