# 80 Talker and Relaxing the Silva Way

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# 80 Talker and Relaxing the Silva Way

There are numerous little, life tid-bits, (as I call them) that provide enough of a KEY to allow one to enter into the Inner Silence and find just how they relate to you.

While obtaining answers from others can be a valid source, why not get closer to the True Source and find out for your self! Will doing so make every thing rosy and perfect in life! Give me a break, please.What you will or could have is a better understanding why things are as they are with you.

Often, in matters such as this, I hear that nothing one does seems to work for them.
Well, fret not, just alter the way you prepare for the experience.
Like one saying goes ‘it’s insane to keep doing the same thing over and over, getting the same old nothing results, while expecting some thing new to take place’.

To start, a quite spot, no phone, no radio, no music. (for this first new experience)
Use the floor or a comfortable chair.
Close your eyes, and just be you, while doing NOTHING but being present for just five minutes.

So how did you feel!
Uncomfortable! Hot! Cold! Itchy! Restless! Mind wandering all over the place! Or ……!
Ah yes, not used to that feeling of being in company with your own body without external inputs..
So lets change that feeling.

Use a learning process that is for now, free, and does work.
How do I know!
I’ve used a variant of it for many decades. Still do.

While this series of three programs is still offered for free, be aware it could be taken down with out notice at any time. So please at least get them now and use when you are ready to try it out.
Yes, Silva does have many programs that one can purchase, but you are not pressured to buy any. Well maybe an increased flow of emails asking you to buy and try. (have by the purchased quite a few)

So learn to relax 101, here we go:

Relaxing is crucial to things of this nature.

Once you can honestly and easily relax, you are ready to ‘ get closer to the True Source of every thing and find out how certain tid-bits of life relate to you’.

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