# 63 Talker on Chronic Cystic Acne and Stress

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# 63 Talker on Chronic Cystic Acne and Stress

To a posed question regards curing a 4 year chronic cystic acne and stress condition.
Cure is a strong word.
Getting rid of or greatly reducing a 4 year chronic cystic acne and stress condition makes it a tad easier to address.

Well now, I’m not a doctor, but I realize some things, one just has to do for ones self.
Pop a prescription pill or whatever, and presto, all health problems are fixed. Ha, get real.
Treating something acute, is not the same as treating something chronic.
Most individuals just don’t want to hear about what could ‘work’, but takes time, like three to six months.
The web abounds with many types of solutions. Problem here is that there is no single, simple solution.
We are all souls carrying unique baggage. So what works for one just may not work for another.

So where are we!
Oh yeah, ‘Do you know how I can cure a 4 year chronic cystic acne and stress?’.
Right up front will say ‘nope’.
But were I so troubled, would very much look into all the corners, nooks and crannies of prior experiences.
Would be rereading some of my older blog posts.
Would be asking ‘am I pooping enough on a regular basis!
Would be doing a liver cleanse.

What with all the fake foods, fake sweeteners, polluted water, polluted air, and you name it, ones body is unable to get rid of all those substances fast enough. Then there are bosses, spouses, partners, automobiles, job or no job,
politicians at city, county, state, and national levels, corporate greed and the stress involved with it all.

The body and mind is simply overloaded on a constant basis.
So the body stores some unwanted residue, that it can’t get rid of fast enough, in various parts of the body.
The unwanted residue takes on a new life within the body.
Commonly these are referred to as: arthritis, cancer of this or that organ, Parkinson’s, heart disease, and so on in an almost endless list.
Some unwanted things turn into lumps and bumps that are stored throughout the body.
So where are we!
Oh yeah, ‘Do you know how I can cure a 4 year chronic cystic acne and stress?’.
Definitely would look at things like:

Marshmallow poultices
Marshmallow tea
Marshmallow root formulas in gelatin capsules
Marigold salve
Uva Ursi tinctures
Oil of Thyme mixed with a tad of vegetable oil as a poultice
Comfry for a short time internally, and with no concern externally
Corn Silk
Foods with silicon in them
Apple cider vinegar
Oil of Oregano
Watercress internal and external
Body energy work
Get a non traditional healer to do some ‘works’.
Of course you’re already are using a traditional healer.
There are more avenues involved, but for now.

Like already mentioned, not all things work for all people, so a tad of experimentation is required. The Silva method and EFT are valuable things to check out, as is Energy work.
And yes, outside of a miracle, it would take three to six months to get a final resolve.

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  • Jeep

    Life brings its stressors, each outward bump is a signal. You provide some great insight into methodologies to relieve the symptoms while gently addressing the need to also address the actual stressors.

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