# 148 Talker on Ron Paul

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# 148 Talker on Ron Paul

While I don’t 100% agree with all that Ron Paul stands for, I do believe that he is the one person that our country really needs as our next President.
Enough of hidden and secret agenda’s by elected officials
Enough of deceit and hypocrisy by elected officials
Enough blood shed by any and all nations.

Is Ron Paul the only answer to America’s truth and future!
I’m unable to answer that question.
Yet we Americans do need to hear the real truth of the ‘state of affairs’ we facing as a nation.

2 comments to # 148 Talker on Ron Paul

  • Fourth Kid

    Right on for the elimination of deceit and the need for transparency. How about a person who can see that the 99% made up by the rest of us want to get this nation back on the tracks to employment and productivity.

    Can we do this without the support of the founder generation?
    Are we reaching out to our youth to see if they are on the same wagon train?
    Do you believe that Ron Paul can make this connection?
    Do you see why I think it is necessary?

  • As of today,3/20/2016, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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