# 8 To Manufacturers In China: Quality!

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To My friends In China,
Peace, health and prosperity to all.
Manufacturers in China, need to take notice, that many products I have purchased, that show , ” Made in China ” are no longer on my buy list. While it is not my nature to be a complainer, my recent purchases of such products, have all been disgusting. Simple things , granted, but beyond saving grace. an emergency radio, gave a broken wind handle, on the second wind. Inspection showed a poor grade of plastic was used in a stress point, on the gears and handle, used to wind up the power generator.
A potato peeler that looked like the famous Ecko peeler, had sharp burrs, and a poor method to hold the cutting assembly in place. It lasted for one potato peel, before it fell apart. Of course it went into the scrap metal bin.
A can opener, that would not even cling to the can for the cans top to be removed.
Then there are the Ginsu type knife set, that looks and feels shabby, with a poorly made holding block, making it awkward to put the knife back in place. Wont go on with the listing, though there were other products that were also disposed of. Its not necessarily the assembly line people at fault, its also the design and quality of material used. Do recall that decades past Japan also went through the shabby product situation, reputation wise. So can only offer that the thinking process needs to focus heavily on design and quality. Meanwhile I will focus more on where my future purchases were produced.

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