# 9 Quality Service ! Sez Who ?

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Well now, here is the situation. Have been through three computers, in recent years. So every new unit has a copy on of MS windows running. now go through all the hassle of updating the brand new unit ,with all the patches and SP1, SP2, etc, to update what is supposed to be a brand spanking new computer, running XP Home,So, I have in essence purchased another licensed copy of XP Home for each new computer, when I already had one. Am not aware if one can even buy a name brand computer new, but without an operating system. Used to be all units came with program disks and printed manuals. No more though. If and when a problem shows up, on a unit, whats the first thing you are told? Insert the program operating disks. Ha, can’t be done. Why? There are no disks available. Well just use restore or copy the old drive to the new drive. Can’t be done. Why? The original / old drive went kaput. Oh, then just use the install disks. What ! Are you even listening to me ? There are no available disks to use. Well then, send the unit in with the install disks. Do you have a problem listening to a conversation ? No, why? I just told you there are no disks, and none came with the unit. OK, just contact ( in this case ) Microsoft for another copy, we can’t do anything for you. Microsoft ( in this case ) says each manufacturer, customizes the operating system for use on their computers, and we can’t help you. Contact the computer manufacturer. Round and round we go. Call the store where you purchased the unit. They say “can’t help you unless you have the install disks”. Yes, but you sold me the unit five weeks ago. You can send the hard drive to a drive recovery company. How much does that cost? Anywhere between $ 100.00 to $ 200.00. You’re kidding aren’t you. Anyway, won’t bore you with the ” how and what “, of what then took place. Then there is the rebate ploy. Jump through all kinds of cut out that original, copy that number, copy this other number, send the original to each address. Huh! Come again. How can I send an original to three place , when there is only one original ! Well, just copy the original. But that’s not an original then ! Well just try it. So in they go. Six to ten weeks later, comes the letter, rejected, due to no original documentation. On and on. Many discussions, if one can call it that. Then a few more weeks, give another call. There is no record of any transactions being processed. When did you , on and on. Ask for a supervisor, reexplain, suddenly there is a Oh here it is. So anyway the outcome here was worth about $ 300.00. So the added aggravation and persistence was worth it. While I’m in the compliant mode, another gripe is that as name brands that had high quality once, start becoming very poor quality, as companies are bought out. Now, as I understand it, groups will buy the once good brands copyrighted name only, and immediately drop the once famous quality of the item.In all fairness, I did on some dealings find some excellent customer service departments. Overall though, they are poorly managed. By the way, have you needed to contact a health insurance provider lately,about screwed up billing? Account number, name, address, city, state, last four digits of your social, date of birth, telephone number, and than how can I help you. Explain. Oh we don’t handle that here, I’ll transfer you to….. Than if your lucky, a voice asking again, yup you got it, Account number, name, address, city, state, last four digits of your social, date of birth, telephone number, and than how can I help you. This will happen every time you are transferred to another dept. Needless to say, and not mentioned, is the in between transfers, with the voice recordings, this call may be monitored for quality service, and your call is important to us, please stay on the line for the next available agent. Now comes the repeated, All agents are currently assisting other customers, please stay on the line. Over and over. Ah, a voice comes on, may I please have your …………………

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