# 11 Autism Ray of Hope and Progress: Jenny McCarthy

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Was pleased to read an article in The Chicago Tribune – Q Section 13, on 10-21-2007, regards autism. Julie Deardorff, the reporter, wrote a touching story, about Jenny McCarthy, and her four year old child. The most telling words in the article are ” Autism is treatable”. Get online to the Trib, and read the whole article. The next telling part, is one paragraph ” Not everyone agrees, which is part of what makes McCarthy’s current media blitz so controversial. But Evan, who was diagnosed with autism after a series of seizures at age 3, something McCarthy believes was triggered by vaccines – is now a typical and communicative 5 year old, who makes eye contact and no longer flaps his arms.” Further stated was that,” though he’s not completely cured”, she credits much of his turnaround to “biomedical” interventions, that included, nutritional changes, detoxification therapies, gastrointestinal treatments and dietary supplements, on top of intense behavioral and speech therapy.Removing wheat gluten and casein (dairy) from Evan’s diet, doubled his language and regained eye contact, within two weeks.
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Hope this helps some, in coping with the autism situation.

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