# 12 God, Man and the Bible Thoughts

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God, Man and the Bible Thoughts
Simple words that superficially appear easy to understand. Yet those very words, like God, man and bible can easily reach, what I call tangelfoot conversations. I enjoy God, Man, and bible conversations that are from ones belief factors, from ones own thoughts, as questions on these subjects. When, as often happens, another person tries to sway my thoughts using only the bible as the final word, is where tangelfoot comes in. Have had my thought chain rattled, long ago, when I first realized, that the bible was not the final answer to all my questions about God and man. So while I do enter into conversations on those subjects, I will not enter into arguments on or over them. Thoughts expressed. some what like on these forums, is appreciated and enlightening.
The information on the sites listed below, were extremely helpful in sorting out the tangelfoot understanding process. Notice that I said “sorting out”, not providing all the”answers”.
There are many thought provoking concepts presented in the information presented at these web sites.

The Handbook of the Navigator

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