# 13 Talkers Thoughts on Common Sense and All Wars

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When I see numbers in the billions, its difficult to comprehend just how large those numbers are, now toss in trillions and I’m totally lost. So easy to become inured to the actual meaning of large numbers, where human life, dollars or the earth is involved. Massive public outrage builds rapidly under certain conditions, like a single murder, rape or robbery. Yet when fathers, sons and daughters in their prime of life, are being killed and maimed in wars by the hundreds or thousands, what happens? Where is that same massive public outrage! Ah, the large numbers got you didn’t it. So overwhelming that you really don’t comprehend the magnitude of it. Apathy takes a hold and only a few good men and women raise the alarm.
Are we listening?
Maybe I’m just to naive, ignorant, or plain stupid to see the whole picture, as regards the value of wars and the waste of human lives, with the vast amounts of money used to accomplish that act, while the true needs of a country suffer.
Human lives lost due to any wars reflects the “my dad can beat your dad” mentality that exists in some nations and their leaders, along with:
The mentality of “my beliefs or your punished”.
The mentality of ” fungible people”.
The mentality of “profit at any cost”.
The mentality of “pork barrel”.
The mentality of ” race superiority”.
The mentality as some regard “whistleblowers”.
The mentality of “wrong color skin”.
The mentality of “wrong religion”.
Many more are there though, give it thought.
So, are these easily correctable? No. Correctable, yes, it is a doable process using common sense thinking. Is God going to help you! No. We messed it up, so why ask God to correct the situation. Until corrected common sense thinking is applied, we would revert right back to messing it all up again. Lets start with correcting it now, using common sense application.
OK now, so a war may be neccessary with the attendent loss of life, and the vast amounts of money spent in the process. But is it truly a valid common sense application by “good men”!
Or is it the hands of a few evil men, in the pockets of the many good men at work! What allows the few evil minded men to take power over the many good men! “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)
Ah yes the ingenuity and foibles of the human mind.

The numbers here may not be precise, but do give perspective of lives of men, women and children destroyed, talent lost, and families left grieving.

World War I mortality, between 13 and 15 million.
The Armenian Genocide of 1915, 1 million
The Russian civil war of 1918–1922
Polish-Soviet conflict towards its end, deaths of over 12.5 million
in Russia alone.
The Chaco War, between Paraguay and Bolivia, 1928–1933,
approximately 3 million deaths.
The Spanish Civil War, 1936–1939, 600,000 deaths.
Various colonial wars, approximately 1.5 million deaths.
World War II, deaths of between 55 and 65 million.
Wars/conflicts between 1945 and 2000, deaths of 40 million.
Soviet collectivization and “dekulakization” 16 million to 50 million,
though some included in World War II totals in these estimates.
Deaths under Mao, between 16 million and 30 million.
Adding in a variety of other pogroms and civil wars, he comes to a final estimate of 216 million.

Major mass killings of the Twentieth Century

50 000 000 World War II 1937-1945
40 000 000 China: Mao Zedong’s regime 1949-1976
20 000 000 USSR: Stalin’s regime 1924-1953
15 000 000 World War I 1914-1918
8 800 000 Russian Civil War 1918-1921
4 000 000 China: Warlord & Nationalist Era 1917-1937
3 000 000 Congo Free State 1900-1908
2 800 000 Korean War 1950-1953
2 700 000 2nd Indochina War (incl. Laos & Cambodia) 1960-1975
2 500 000 Chinese Civil War 1945-1949
2 100 000 Expulsion of Germans after World War II 1945-1947
1 900 000 Second Sudanese Civil War 1983-1999
1 700 000 Congolese Civil War 1998-1999
1 500 000 Turkish Genocide against Armenia 1915-1923
1 000 000 Cambodia: Khmer Rouge regime 1975-1979
1 400 000 Afghanistan Civil War 1980-1999
1 400 000 Ethiopian Civil Wars 1962-1992
1 250 000 Mexican Revolution 1910-1920
1 250 000 East Pakistan massacres 1971
1 000 000 Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988
1 000 000 Nigeria: Biafra 1967-1970
800 000 Mozambique Civil War 1976-1992
800 000 Rwanda 1994
675 000 French-Algerian War 1954-1962
600 000 First Indochina War 1945-1954
600 000 Angolan Civil War 1975-1994
500 000 Indonesia: Massacre of Communists 1965-1967
500 000 India-Pakistan Partition 1947
500 000 First Sudanese Civil War 1955-1972
500 000 Amazonian Indian decline 1900-1999
365 000 Spanish Civil War 1936-1939
350 000 Somalia 1991-1999
400 000 North Korean Communist regime 1948-1999
300 000 Yugoslav wars 1991-2001

American Revolution: $3.2 billion.
War of 1812: $1 billion.
Mexican War: $1.8 billion.
Civil War: $50 billion Union, $21.8 billion Confederacy.
Spanish-American War: $6.5 billion.
World War I: $588 billion.
World War II: $4.8 trillion.
Korean War: $408 billion.
Vietnam War: $584 billion.
Persian Gulf War of 1991: $82 billion. Contributions from U.S. allies ended up covering more than 90 percent of this war’s costs.
Operation Iraqi Freedom: $197 billion, as of March 2006

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