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Talkers Poems

I Am Earth

I am earth, I am you,
from me you were formed,
we are now, us,
to me thou shalt return, that which is mine,
thy love is the day, thy smiles the sunrise and sunset,
thy thoughts are my winds,
thy actions are my eruptions,
thy secret tears are my floods,
thy fears are my earthquakes,
thy disregard combined are my tsunami’s
you have violated the us, I am now also violated,
my healing causes in you, fear,
the us must heal,
thy mind violated, us,
thy mind can heal, us,
I, the earth, will survive,
change thy ways,
the us will survive.

Dark Night of the Soul

So all the problems you don’t want are hitting you from all angles.
You hurt ! Your frustrated ! Your beliefs are ruffled!
Your at the end of the road, and see only a blank wall!
What next?
Thought you were on the ‘Right Path’.
Thought you was doing all the right things!
You think you know who and what you are, to the best of your awareness.
Studied, meditated, learnt to love, learnt compassion.
Still at loggerheads with confusion, why!
Seems that chaos and confusion are close relatives.
I’m at the bottom of the barrel and see only darkness.
Hold on now.
This is a time of change.
Relax, recall who and what you are.
Ah yes, I am perfection behind the doubt, chaos and confusion manifesting.
I am not doubt, chaos and confusion.
I am Perfection.
I am God experiencing with this personal awareness.
Change is in progress.
Light is becoming coherent.
Cohesion with the Source is now recognized.
I embrace it lovingly.
The Dark Night of the Soul has passed.
The Way You Say, I Love You
cold, is the bare flesh,
you lovingly caress,
thy touch ever so warm,
delicious, this manner,
the way you say, I love you,
the warmth of you,
enfolds and caresses,
as I sigh and bless,
this moment, that you share with me,
Ah that it would never end,
yet we know,
that cannot be,
lest you make, toast of me.
O Solo mio, bright orb of day,
I love thy sunshine, passing my way,
Delightful moment, of yet another, day,
Stay for just awhile, linger, but not too long,
just enough, to sing, the pale skin, pass, song,
while I lie, lief, on the grass,
knowing, full well,
this too shall pass

Still To Be
The muted, with the vivid, there to see,
reminds me, of life experiences,
that were,
are still to be,
the subtle,the bright, the dark,
and yet,
the wonder,
What is still waiting for me
Thy Name Is Love
The sight of you fills my being with joys beyond belief,
shapely, devine, inhaling thy fragance soothes deep, I’m stunned to
stillness, thoughts of which, pleasently stir my sleep,
will love you forever, the memory keep,
we are one, for now,
I turn, and there I see, another beauty that holds my gaze,
how can this be, how tread I, throught this maze,
to the bee it is amoral, with this there is no quarrel,
am I thusly, being flighty, facing such beauty,
am I so bound by duty, to not love another beauty,
thy fragrance, thy shape, thy softness,
I shudder with delight,
here I be with love for another,
to each with love unconditionally,
am I wrong to hear this song, this inhaling of loves devine,
do I ignore this love,
this feeling of mine, of touching the devine,
I know with no doubt, with a new day, another beauty,
will catch my feeling, my senses reeling, at the sight,
resist as I might, fight as I may, my senses aroused again this day,
to you my love, what can I say, I would, I will, I do,
enjoy you all,
that beauty hard to describe, for at this moment,
thy name is love,
and as such, is called, the rose, the tulip, the maple, the sunrise, the sunset,
the red clover, the yellow dandelion,
breathtakingly, from deep within you, reflects the love devine,
no words spoken, nothing broken,
you are in my heart and mind, unconditionally,
for you will alway be, to me,
a beautful sense
of mystery.
Works For Me
Keep in mind what works for me,
may not be for you,
told to watch, and mind,
the phosphorus, the potassium and the proteins too,
Ah me what to do, what I’m to avoid, as told by you,
am now,
being told, within reason,
to do.
The Angels Sing
I am love, You are love, we are love.
When I embrace you, we are one,
There is no ‘I’ or ‘you’ in that moment of embrace,
There is only ‘oneness of the two’ for this beautiful moment.
This embrace while physical, cause the angels to sing,
For this is spiritual harmony that but reflects,
When all humanity embrace, becoming again,
the one, within the One.
Be Well
Just The Season
Lets not push, lets not pull,
Astral plane, or physical earth
Lets just share our love.
I’m not tall, I’m not short,
Not even good on sports.
Who cares, You know why,
I don’t cry, I don’t sigh,
Here baby is the reason why,
I got it all.
No rhyme or reason, just the season,
To be the whooo, that I am, thaaat’s the reason,
not the season, OOh myyyyy,
I got it all.
I’m here for a reason, is it the season,
I don’t know, really don’t care,
eyes that sparkle, lips that smile,
beats the grinch, by an inch,
so I smile,
feet that dance, body thats rhythm,
rife with joy, you know why,
No rhyme or reason, just the season,
To be the whooo, that I ammmmm, thaaat’s the reason,
not the season, OOh myyyyy,
I got it all.
Well Universe,
I got it all.

Ok, Ok, so I’m not a poet,
but my feet show it,
their longfellows.
Be Well
Maybe not your truth, any time one leaves this physical world,
(how ever brief) they are accompanied by :

Oh, That Angel
Weep mine eyes, a river flow,
for those, who stay, to pass, on another day.
Your loss is painful,
and yet I say, fear not, your day, will also arrive,
but not today.
Many, fear my arrival,
and yet I say, I, The Angel of Death,
am sent to get, those ready spirits, to accompany me,
their willing servant, their personal guide,
to hold your hand, and remove your fear,
for you, will never again,
need to shed a tear.
Your hand, I hold, as we enter the Light,
my spirit delights, as you, behold the sight, of,
the Father of all,
arms open,
to welcome you Home.

When one is not yet ready to cross over, (for what ever reason), The Angel of Death, will prevent some from proceeding any further.
Some will be passed ‘in’ for a glimse of the splendor and ‘asked to return’ , while some are simply allowed to stay.

The Song of Love
Loving and loved, intertwined,
deeply felt, within the mind,
no right, no wrong,
the wordless song,
that soundless music,
wordless words,
the glance, the dance,
it vibrates ones being,
all take flight,
soul felt,
belong, belonging,
this moment,
and back

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