# 22 Courageous Souls:Do We Plan Our Lfe Challenges Before Birth? Updated

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Have been reading a recently purchased book ” Courageous Souls” by Robert Schwartz. It pose the question ” Do we plan our life challenges before birth?” This is a question that has long been in my mind. So when I saw this title, it immediately became a “must have and read”, title. So many situations in peoples lives, just defy understanding. Recognized is the fact, that no God presents these “gifts” to you. So , what actually is taking place! Even though I’ve not finished the reading of this book yet, did feel that I needed to blog the fact of it. Will post more on it , and my thoughts regards it, when the time is right.

ISBN – 13: 978-0-9776794-5-4
ISBN: – 10: 0-9776794-5-4

8-5-2008 Update
Just realised that I did not update this post after having finished it’s reading. This is a truly beautiful wake up call, to the weeping, very sad souls looking for any kind of answers, that might help. So there remains the aspect of, is it all true! Who cares. If thoughts are real as one can read about, then believe it’s real. Let this soul salve new belief help heal the sorrowful thinking process. I found much during the reading that made sense in what could very well become a new belief.

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