# 1 How It All Started

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Difficult to express in words, my thoughts and feelings, as regards illness, life and death. Many decades of experiences that led to this day and the still present thoughts of ” how to correct the many ills seen “. Many healing modalities exist, and it seems that progress in the healing field, overall, is slow. Will admit though, it is a difficult situation to rectify, but not hopeless.
Will bypass for now the thousands of words that would fit here.
Perhaps the title of this blog should have been
” Frustrations Of A Would Be Healer “.
Oh, yes it can be and is a rocky pathway. Beliefs are tested. Religion enters. The bible enters. New age and old age enters. Tears, sorrow, life and death enters. The beauty of nature, a wondrous sunrise and sunset enters. Again much is being left out here.

Came across some reading that did help in many areas of my pathways.
Here is what was said:

” I should give a warning here, which seems on the face of it obvious, but may not be so obvious when you come face-to-face with it. That is, do not allow yourself to be disappointed by apparent failure. If any healer tells me he has never had a failure in spiritual healing, then I would tell that man that he has never had a success either! You will have your failures. There are cases that you will work really hard on, that you will pray over really hard, and insignificant results will be seen. There are other times when you will give healing and the results will be amazing.I have always said that spiritual healing can cure all diseases, but not all patients. it is a knowledge of the workings of the law of karma which has brought me to this conclusion I read the case of one of the most prominent spiritual healers in the world whose greatest friend died in his arms of meningitis; the next day a total stranger came to him suffering with the same complaint and was cured. It is a fact that all diseases will respond to spiritual healing but not all patients. it all depends on the karmic pattern of the patient at the time, as to whether or not he will answer at all, or in the degree that he benefits from these statements. it is not always the question of whether you like to give healing treatments are not. One of the most famous healers in England, in latter years, detested giving spiritual healing, mainly because he felt so inadequate. so deep was his compassion for suffering mankind, that he wanted heal everyone with a wave of a hand; but soon discovered he could not do so, soon discovered he had his failures, which at first out-numbered his successes. however, he felt that whether he liked to do it or not he had to and he became an outstandingly good spiritual healer.”


“Quantum- touch is powerful healing work. In order to do quantum touch, it is necessary to first learn various energy exercises. Most people will find these exercises easy to learn and highly pleasurable to do. However, you need to take your time and practice these techniques thoroughly. These exercises are designed to help you increase your awareness of life force energy and physical sensations in your hands. The extra time and effort you spend with them will make a huge difference in your ability to run the energy and increase the power of your healing sessions. Eventually you will feel a growing sense of mastery during, and they will become second nature to you.The energy exercises are placed in a particular order that will facilitate your learning and utilization of these skills. Once you have completed the first round of energy exercises, you’ll be ready to learn the basic breathing techniques. At that point you will be able to start combining the breathing and energy exercises together to start doing your healing work. If you put forth your best effort while working these exercises, your success will grow. The best approach is to concentrate while maintaining a very relaxed frame of mind. The less muscle tension you hold in your body and hand, the better you will do.”


Healing hands
Have you ever wondered why people will immediately and automatically breathe deeply and put their hands on whatever part of their body was just injured? It seems that this action is Universal and built into our neural hardware. Perhaps some part of us instinctively knows that this is a way for us to assist ourselves and others when in pain. It’s funny, but after doing this work for over two decades, whenever I’m around someone who is in a lot pain, I now have an immediate and automatic response — I start running the energy.”

Will explain and expound further on the above statements in future posts.
But, you now have a general idea where this is all headed. Would really like to share and exchange viewpoints with my readers. Why dont you step in and leave some comments.

2 comments to # 1 How It All Started

  • Anonymous

    Truly enjoy thinking about healing energy. And enjoyed the writings. Never really thought about healers “failing” and the karma and all.
    I tried to do laying on of hands on Mozart, my 16 year old cat, but he passed, never being able to recover from anemia.
    My vet said it was his time. [I have an alternative med vet]. I’m still sad. I miss him. Fortunately, my husband thought ahead and had a book by Browne on the passing of animals and where they go. We read it and cried: it was some consolation.
    He’s in our backyard and I picture him playing with Gudrun, my girl dog, in the next realm.

    Thank you for writing. I didn’t mean to leave an anonymous post …I’ll sign this one.

  • Anonymous

    A wise person once said: “From the moment we are born, we are dying” I’ve laughed at that as it’s been too true, too often close to me. There is another dimension to true healing that might be viewed as a failure to heal, yet it is a healing gift anyhow. To be with someone who as Karens vet said “it’s their time”, to be able to give comfort while they go through their various stages of preparing to pass, all the backrubs, footrubs, lotion onto those who are bedridden eventually, all those touches from a loving caring person become a healer to their souls or spirits, it helps them become eased for the next portal they’ll need to cross, and oddly enough it helps the healer whose touch was able to sooth. kms

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