# 2 Memories and Healing

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Was very pleased to receive your comments K.F..Asking one to take time to do a post is twofold, one is the gift of sharing and a triggering of stored memories. Will say that you “brought out” six triggers. So in your honor, will blog them. Thank you.
In the true sense, a healer doing spiritual or faith “works” as I call it, never fails. There are periods when I sense a strong flow of something happening. Should perhaps, use the word “energy”, but is that what it is.While “in” the process, and endeavoring to “hold” a “corrected, perfect outcome”, and directing a flow of “white” energy, “feeling tones”, within me can be “happy”, “sad”, or “euphoric”. Now, in that that these feelings tones were not present before I started a “works”, what and where do they come from. Is it the recipient or my person that opens these feeling tones.Often times I find that words do get in ones way, when describing “what” is the “works”. Every thing is fair game here. Animals, plants, trees, people and parking places. Nothing so far, has been written about those “feeling tones” being felt. Another aspect is, that like at first learning to roller skate or ride a bike, if one has long periods of inactivity, “feeling tones” are slow in coming about. The warming up session (did read of this) however brief, is practically a must. Call it a process, ritual, prayer or what ever, but one needs to “tune in” and warm-up the engines or nothing happens. Now for your Mozart, be aware that he is playing in the backyard when ever you picture him in there. Our Elfie, was hurt by a vet while having his ears cleaned. Was serious enough at one point, where consideration of “putting him to sleep” came up. Do believe that what “works” was done for him, staved off that situation for two more years.
Ordinarily any effort to pet or stroke his back, would, as with most cats, curve his back downwards and away from ones hand. Yet after the vets visit episode, many were the times, Elfie would come up to me to rub against my leg. I would reached down to pet him, fully expecting him to shy away, but he would stay. Would pick him up and gently snuggle him in my arms. He would bury his head into the bend of my elbow, while I ran energy to him with my free hand. Previous attempts ( before the vets visit) to do that were met mostly with Elfie leaping out of my arms. A sad point was finally reached where too much effort and pain by Elfie was reached. He would meow a painful voice. We did, what we felt was the best for him. The question in my mind of course was “did I fail”! I don’t think so.
Elfie had let us know, his way, it was time to leave us after 17 years of giving us company and being my pesty pet.Now, while I don’t expect flashing signs or fireworks in doing “healing works” it is gratifying to see or hear that the recipient is in fact “doing better”. Absent healing is quite another story. Many are reluctant to voice a response to things of this nature. Perhaps out of concern of hurting the feelings of the healer. Yes, way back in time as it’s called, there were some feeling tones of hurt, but in retrospect, that must have been ego. Did seek reference for those kind of events. Was delighted (in a left handed manner) to find in the Bible, Matthew 21: 12, – 21: 22, and especially Mark 8:22, 25 and also in Luke 9:38, 43, words
that caused me to make notes that, and when I go back and reread them, I just laughed at what I had written then. In the same order as reference just above:Jesus pissed off (sorry that’s the way I wrote it) – what ever you ask in prayer – Jesus had to work harder on his miracle (blind man) — apostles screwed up, Jesus ticked off, drives out demon.
So now, if Jesus met with some difficulty, who am I to sweat it.
Hey now, thank you for bringing out these memories.I know I deviated a bit here, but it is all a part of what this BLOG is about.

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