# 6 The Ways Of A Healer

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Well now, let’s see whats going to come up at this time. Just for the record, there is no schedule for what I am going to be posting. Yes, there are thoughts germane to the blog I am posting to. If you haven’t yet seen my post in the Psychics Blog on “Psychic Intuition and The Babbler” you might want to do that now. What you will read their will apply to your healing efforts also. The separate blogs are used to hone in on related interests. Actually, as an old song went” you can’t have one without the other” Hmmm, what was that song! Oh yes, Love and Marriage by Frank Sinatra.
Right now I’ve been sitting here pondering which of two words I should use next here. ” Intuition or psychic?” Ha, I’m going to use both. Psychic intuition is the ability to listen to and hear your inner guidance. Mentioned elsewhere in my posts, there are no flashing headlines, what it may be, is a form of a feeling, some form of a picture or even a voice. What can be confusing at times is when all three, seem to be there in your awareness. It would seem that when this happens, our “Babbler” is really hustling. With continued effort though and practice you’ll learn how to handle that. The more you use it, the faster it will develop.
Until you gain the confidence needed, you will question your sanity at times in doing this. If you’re “Babbler” has not been trained properly, he’s going to feed you feelings of “awkwardness, this is silly, who are you kidding,” and other feelings of that nature.
With patience, prayer, love, and a tear or two, you will be successful. Be aware though, you might not obtain that which “you” sought , but the “recipient” in some way, will benefit from your action.

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