# 9 "Negative Ambiance" Thinking!

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So you don’t feel well, sluggish, headache, sinuses are full and dripping causing a lot of throat clearing! Or whatever else may be happening to you. Of course, you may be doctoring, taking prescriptions, even feeling sorry for yourself. Day after miserable day, and so life goes on. The days are long, full of hustle and bustle. Quick lunches, stressful conditions abound, “I need a vacation” thinking.

Have lived there, and didn’t like it.

Something has to change, but what!
Many factors enter at this point, some are under your control, many are not. Many feel quite helpless at times, and get mired in frustration’s. So what to do!The first step, needs to be with your thinking process. This can be quite difficult at times, as the “thinking process” may have set up, a “negative ambiance”. This negative ambiance, is what sets one up in the life, for those things, that contribute to “not feeling well”.

One good starting point would be the reading of a book called “The Secret of The Ages”. This is not a book that you read only one time. This is not a novel. It becomes, somewhat, a road map on how to change your thinking processes. It won’t happen overnight, but diligently read and applied, change will start to take place with your thinking process. I had my copy with me for many months, and was reading from it, at every opportunity presented. Little by little, subtle changes were taking place.

There is a tie-in with health and how one thinks. While medications may be necessary, there is the possibility, that you are “medicating” a thinking process, instead of a health problem.

Just for the record, my first reading of this book, occurred some 50 years ago, and I still occasionally browse through it. I was so impressed with it, that I bought copies of the book, for each of my children, as they reached certain ages.

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