# 14 Winters Itch Now and Then

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Well now, It’s called Winters itch. It seems that this is quite a problem with many people. I became aware of the situation, a while back (1960 ), when a person inquired, “what can one do for it”. Doing a little research, now, online, came across a blog, that had some 744 comments, on the itch problem. So I thought I would give “the itch” a special post on my own blog. First and foremost, in reading the 744 comments, they all varied substantially, in what gave only partial relief from the itch. Visits to the doctor and dermatologist gave little or no relief to these individuals. Ointments, salves, antibiotics, off-the-shelf medication, and various doctoring modalities were used to no avail. Thyroid and other organs were mentioned and treated with little success.There was mention, of the use of ice cubes, rubbed over the most severe areas, to give short periods of relief from the itch. So here are my thoughts, as regards, what is commonly called “Winters itch”, and from what I’ve read, can be present all year long and keeps many people from resting at night due to the constant itching. Aside from medical problems, and not commonly recognized as such, is that any cloth or clothing that touches the skin, can be a source of the itch. So as a first step, I would suggest that all clothing and bedding be washed with Calgon. This method is called “stripping”. Use only, the Calgon, alone, with nothing else added to the wash load. At this point, what one would check for, is how high the head of foam is, just prior to the first rinse cycle. If there is no foam present, all is well. But if any foam is present, and, this can very from 2 to 6 inches high, this could be the source of the itch. You may have to re-wash the clothing, a number of times, until no foam is present during that first wash cycle. It may take up to four to six cycles, of Calgon only usage, before that takes place.The second step would be in stress reduction. Did find a one paragraph reference, stating that the itch condition was mentioned in early biblical writings. This I have not been able to verify as yet. In that there were no antibiotics in those days, and none of the unpronounceable chemicals, currently used in manufacturing and food production, stress could have been the culprit in those days, and perhaps even now. So, mentioned elsewhere, in my blogs, is the program offered free, called EFT. If stress is a problem, and who doesn’t have it, using EFT would be the next logical step. It seems that I use EFT on a daily basis.(LOL) Overlooked is the fact, that some degree of stress is a necessity on a daily basis. The critical point of stress will vary for each of us. What one may shrug off with a quick flip of the eyebrows, could cause another to go on a rampage. Stress causes chemical reactions within the body, and if not properly neutralized, by thoughts, nutrition or medication, problems will arise. This generally would be in the form of changed pH factors as mentioned in another post.
Other avenues to pursue, and you can find this by going online to do a search for “Psora”. This should bring up “Hanemann’s doctrine of Psora”. This is a hard read, but you will find it a worth while one. It also points out the reasons why this is so difficult to control. It is not a simple or easy process in determining what needs to be done. You will also find why Orthodox medicine has such a problem with this. Another approach is to use, information found in a book called “Body Reflexology” by Mildred Carter and Tammy Weber. In this book, there is an interesting bit of information on page 3 0 4. This bit is called “How To Control Psoriasis and Eczema”. What I found interesting in this section, is the following bit of information: “often emotional or physical stress causes greater problems, and some people claim their ailment worsens during the winter months.” It goes on in some detail to describe one specific case, that could very well be helpful with your condition. In the Amazon box on this page. You can do a search using the number
# 0132997363.
Perhaps using the above steps, coupled with whatever else you do, you may be successful.
PS: Found a site with good basic advice, that I should have included when doing the above.

Mea Culpa
PSS:This is the site mentioned with the 744 comments :

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