# 21 Senior Drug Dealer – What You Soon May Become!

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Supplements don’t work? Prove it.

I can’t help but shake my head when I see all the recent press that has been given to supplements, denying their effectiveness.

The mainstream media breathlessly report that supplements don’t work, but that there’s no scientific evidence to support their claim.

I’d like to sit these folks in the media down and ask them to take a deep, calming breath. Next, I’d ask them what on earth they were talking about. I’m wondering if anyone in media thinks critically anymore about what they’re reporting.

If it were true that supplements do not work, then why is the FDA suddenly so intent on putting the vitamin and supplement industry in its crosshairs in order to regulate their products as “drugs?” If supplements do not work—the way they claim the research shows—then why would it be considered a drug?

I would think the media would step back and take a look at the bigger picture, rather than just automatically snatching for the next sound bite or headline. Instead, they parrot these outlandish claims, which just so happens to please their biggest advertisers: Big Pharma.

These research findings are bogus and slanted toward the demands of special interest groups that fund the research. I’m not questioning the intelligence of these researchers—I’m sure they’re all quite bright individuals. Bright enough to know who’s signing their checks!

Vitamins and supplements: The new street drugs?

Yesterday, I told you about the first leg of the renewal of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act that was voted on and passed in the Senate, and now on it’s way to the House of Representatives. Despite all the talk about how this is good for America, it actually does more to put the FDA in the pockets of Big Pharma.

But there’s one loose string that’s been left hanging that Big Pharma wants tidied up before a complete and total monopoly can be secured over ALL matters pertaining to your health.

I’m referring to the FDA’s sudden push to regulate herbs and supplements, which I alerted you to in an earlier House Call. The FDA tried to keep this great idea of theirs under wraps, but alert members of the alternative health community uncovered it and worked as fast as possible to spread the word about it. Unfortunately, their efforts were too far into the eleventh hour for most people to learn of it and respond.

Originally, the FDA had set a quiet deadline of April 30 for the public to post comments on the FDA website about this issue, which left just a smattering of days for folks to react. That upset people even more, so the next thing anyone heard, that deadline had been bumped to the end of May. What a relief, many of us thought—there’s still time to have a say in this and slow down this runaway train of insanity!

But before you could blink, the FDA pulled a bait-and-switch. They retracted the new deadline, saying there had been an “error” in publishing that information on their site, and the original deadline of April 30th stood. If you wanted to state your opinion on this matter, the door had already slammed shut and you were just out of luck.

So not only did they keep their plan under wraps, moving quietly behind the scenes so YOU wouldn’t notice, they also made sure that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to voice your concern or opinion on this regulatory plan.

For years, the FDA has wanted to regulate natural supplements and vitamins just like prescription drugs. And Big Pharma has been encouraging the FDA to regulate them too, as natural health alternatives have grown. However, Congress has not yet granted the FDA the authority needed.

So just recently, the FDA issued guidance on how it would interpret some of its current regulations regarding complementary and alternative medicine. This guidance would put just about all herbs, natural supplements and vitamins on the FDA’s radar.

The herbs you grow in your garden for teas and nutritional supplements—that your mother and grandfather before you grew—could get you arrested as a drug abuser. Heaven forbid you offer some of those extra herbal plants to your neighbor—that would make you a drug pusher, or dealer.

Or let’s say you’ve been out on a long walk on a hot summer day and become dehydrated. You drink a glass of tap water to “treat” the dehydration, and suddenly you’ve got a regulatory product on your hands.

Sound crazy?

According to the FDA’s guidance, if you intend to use a product for health reasons (to treat, diagnose, or prevent a disease) it would be subject to regulatory approval.

Another example is mind-body medicine. The FDA says yoga, meditation, biofeedback, and tai chi—would not be subject to their jurisdiction. However, mind-body medicine is recognized as a way to relieve stress, which implies that you are trying to prevent disease. So any equipment or products used as part of the practice of mind-body medicine could be subject to regulation. The first thing that comes to mind is the mat you use for yoga and the pillow on which you may sit in order to meditate. That pillow was a decorative accent in your living room until you placed it on the floor to sit on and practice meditation. Now it has become a “medical device!”

I think the FDA has gone mad, going to such astoundingly ridiculous measures to protect Big Pharma profits. It’s unconscionable.

If the FDA succeeds in controlling the vitamin industry and labeling everything a “drug,” they will be further aiding and abetting the Big Pharma monopoly. This will give the green light to the drug companies to squeeze out the natural food and supplement market.

All that will be left for them to do is sit back and continue to rake in record profits—at the financial and health expense of everyone in this country.

I’ll continue to keep you posted on any new developments regarding either this regulatory push or the bill that is headed into the House of Representatives. Don’t forget to make use of your constitutional right and jot a letter to your friendly local representative and express your opinion on these vital health issues—while you still can. To find your representative, go to

Until next time,

Dr. Alan Inglis
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