# 22 Oh That Angel

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This is in memory of my son Michael, who passed away June 7, 2007.
Failure to get a healing for another, I can cope with. Failure to obtain a healing that hits this close, is painful beyond description. Yes, I have wept with the family, but I know the flood is yet to come.
Be talking to you Mike.

Oh, That Angel

by Dean, ( The Talker, 11 – 7 – 2006 – 8:53 PM )

Weep mine eyes, a river flow,
for those, who stay, to pass, on another day.
Your loss is painful, and yet I say,
fear not, your day, will also arrive, but not today.
Many, fear my arrival, and yet I say,
I, The Angel of Death, am sent to get,
those ready spirits, to accompany me,
their willing servant, their personal guide,
to hold your hand, and remove your fear,
for you, will never again, need to shed a tear.
Your hand, I hold, as we enter the Light,
my spirit delights, as you, behold the sight,
of, the Father of all, arms open,
to welcome you Home.

3 comments to # 22 Oh That Angel

  • Anonymous

    It is beautiful, sir.
    As are you and your soul.
    KMS & RDS

  • KJS

    There is no failure in life; only lessons to be learned, or not. I am humbled by your love; saddened by your sadness; strengthened by your resolve to move on, though every day I know you will awaken feeling a bit empty and you will go to sleep wondering if tomorrow will bring the joy you once knew.


  • Laura

    Dear Talker

    When my oldest daughter was born she was the most beautiful thing in the Universe. When she was 11 mths old they told me she has a genetic disease and about this and that and how I might loose her at any moment. At the time the ground opened for me and I went down and the Light just shut down. Nothing in the world would have cheered me up. All smile was just of surface.

    Before, I could make mistakes and fix them. Just click ‘delete’ you know? not anymore. I brought life in this world and it was ‘defective’ I could not undo that and start over you see – that was my reasoning at the time.

    I spent the next following years, a span of time what it seems that I was holding onto her life with everything I could give. Searching for a ‘reason’ and for a cure.

    I could have never imagine loosing a child. I kept saying: oh God please anything, but let her live, please… And I decided “I won’t let go!!, I don’t care about anything fate whatever it just seemed that is all up to me and that I won’t let go”.
    It was my mantra and it was the unfolding of my life. My life never belonged to me anymore. I guess it become even more precious as I never had the ‘luxury’ of wasting it anymore.

    Now, 16 years fast-forward I can only say: ‘thank you for everything’. :) My daughter is still the most beautiful thing in the Universe. And my other 2 that come after. If not for them I would not be, experienced what I have, discover that my life never actually belonged to just myself.

    Love – Laura

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