# 23 The Angel of Deaths Visit

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# 23 The Angel of Death

The recent passing of my son, has been cause for deep grief. This too, shall pass.

We had, at various times, held conversations on religion, beliefs and what happens when one passes on. Subjects and questions raised during these times are shown in my blog,
“The Ancient One Speaks”, # 9, We Are Born and Then We Die.

Serious thoughts were exchanged on the many topics, covered at the time. Many were the moments of re-talking the following topics:


One can read or hear that God has a plan for you.

One can read or hear that you choose how and when you are born.

One can read or hear that you can choose how and when to die

One can read or hear about various heavens and hells

So, ones religion or upbringing initially determines what you do believe in. Belief factors can really get shaken and rattled, once a sense of ” some thing is missing here ” sets in, as one matures beyond basics. ( I only express my views, never trying to sway another’s beliefs )Perhaps one day I will go into the above mentioned subjects, but not at this time. Have always had a strange, strong fascination on natural death, and what takes place at that moment. We all, at one time or another, will experience it. We are thankful, to have had the opportunity, to be present at our sons passing. Having those precious moments to speak the words of our love, recalling childhood memories, and the good times, knowing, that even in a coma like state, our words were heard and understood.
Sad but precious moments.
Yes, The Angel of Death arrived, and welcomed my son back to his original home.
Be talking to you Mike.

The following article expresses much of my belief factors about the death process.

A book, ” Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and the Destiny of Mankind “, describes all of these important subjects in great depth:

This week we will take a look at one of the most profound mysteries of all – the process known as “death”. By understanding this process, you will better understand how and why “deceased people return to communicate with or through people left on Earth, and how we might best communicate with them. Precisely what happens at the moment of death is one of the most dramatically interesting and one of the most striking, insoluble problems in the world today; it remains for us the problem of all problems, the mystery of the universe, the science of being. One moment we see a figure before us – a muscular, powerful man, capable of heroic efforts, great intellectual flights, lofty aspirations, delivering an oration which stirs the hearts of thousands and perhaps helps to sway the destiny of nations and change the map of the world! The next moment he is lying on the floor, a corpse, lifeless, inanimate, incapable of the slightest thought, the slightest muscular exertion. He is the victim of “heart-failure.”

The Mystery of Death

A second and all has changed! Nothing can now be influenced by him; nothing is now possible but the gradual decomposition of the body and its return to the dust from whence it sprang. Could any change be more profound or more lasting – since it can occur, presumably but once in all eternity? The slightest anatomical variation in the man’s body – so small, perhaps, that even a microscope cannot detect it – and we then behold the most mighty change which occurs in nature, the profoundest of tragedies and wonders! We behold the transition from the living to the lifeless, we pass from life to death. What is this change we have seen before us? Can we in anyway understand it? What can we learn? What see? These are questions over which men have pondered for centuries and which still form the most fascinating problem in the realm of spiritual inquiry.

Why We Should Not Fear death

Many persons fear death; but they should not do so for the reason that, on any theory, it is not a thing to be feared. It has been proved abundantly that, with the exception of very rare cases, there is no pain at the moment of death and no consciousness of dying. Both are obliterated by the kind hand of nature. The suffering which goes before belongs rather to life than to death, and, in fact, many of those who have suffered from some torturing disease have died with a smile of happiness and contentment on their faces. Of the physical body we need think little, since the spiritual body separates itself from this body after death, and thence forward is as unconscious of it as we are of a finger or any part of our body which has been cut off during life. The human spirit takes some time to become severed completely from the physical body, and for this reason it should not be buried or cremated too soon after death. But with these exceptions, we need think little of the state of the physical body, since we sever our connections with it entirely as soon as we pass into the spirit world. What happens after we have effected this separation is naturally a question of absorbing interest to many minds, since all of us have to look forward to this experience.The statements of clairvoyants and of those “spirits” who have returned to tell us of their passage into the next life should, therefore, be of considerable interest in this connection. Let us see what they have to say.

A Clairvoyant Description of Death

Andrew Jackson Davis, one of the founders of Modern Spiritualism, a gifted seer, described the process as follows: -” Suppose the person is now dying, it is to be a rapid death. The feet first grow cold. The clairvoyant sees right over the head what may be called a magnetic halo – an etheric emanation, in appearance golden and throbbing as though conscious. The body is now cold up to the knees and elbows, and the emanation has ascended higher in the air; the legs are cold to the hips and the arms to the shoulders, and the emanation, though it has not risen higher in the room, is more expanded. The death – coldness steals over the breast and around on one side, and the emanation has attained a higher position nearer the ceiling. The person has ceased to breathe, the pulse is feeble, and the emanation is elongated and fashioned in the outline of the human form beneath it is connected with the brain. The head of the person is internally throbbing – a slow deep throb – not painful, but like the beat of the sea. Hence, the thinking faculties are rational while nearly every part of the person is dead. Owing to the brain’s momentum, I have seen a dying person even at the last feeble pulse-beat rise impulsively in bed to converse with a friend; but the next instant he was gone – his brain being the last to yield up the life principle.

Formation of the Spiritual Body

“The Golden emanation which extends midway to the ceiling is connected with the brain by a very fine life-thread. Now the body of the emanation ascends. Then appears something white and shining, like a human head; next, in a very few moments a faint outline of the face divine, then the fair neck and shoulders, then in rapid succession come all parts of the new body down to the feet – a bright shining image, a little smaller than its physical body, but a perfect prototype or reproduction in all, except its disfigurements. The fine life thread continues attached to the old brain. The next thing is the withdrawal of the electric principle. When this thread snaps, the spiritual body is free and prepared to accompany its guardians to the Summerland. Yes, there is a spiritual body – it is sown in dishonour and raised in brightness.”

How it Feels to “Pass Over”

Hear, again, what a returning “spirit” says, who has passed through the “Valley of the Shadow of Death” and has apparently returned to tell us his experiences “When I awoke in the spirit – life and perceived that I had hands and feet and all that belongs to the human body, I cannot express to you in the form of words the feelings which at that moment seemed to take possession of my soul. I realized that I had this body – a spiritual body. . . . “. ” Imagine, if you can, what the surprise of a spirit must be, to find, after the struggle of death, that he is a new-born spirit, free from the decaying tabernacle of flesh, that he leaves behind him. I gazed on weeping friends with a saddened heart, mingled with joy – knowing, as I did, that I could be with them and behold them daily, though unseen and unknown, and as I gazed upon the lifeless tenement of clay and could behold the beauty of its mechanism, I felt impelled to seek the Author of so much beauty and youth and prostrate myself at his feet. I felt a light touch on my shoulder, and, joy unspeakable! I beheld the loved ones of earth, some of whom had long since departed from the earth plane… and I felt myself ascending or rather floating onward and upward through the radiance of space. I saw about me many spirits and their guides bearing them company through the bright realms of immensity.”

“Novel Experiences on “The Other Side”

So the human spirit, issuing from the body, gradually rises higher and higher, and comes into touch and harmony with those about it, and with those who possess sympathy and mutual interest. As explained in the chapter devoted to the “Spirit World,” it is highly improbable that there are any physical barriers between the”spheres,” one from another; but they are doubtless separated, never the less, by walls of mental and spiritual origin. If we are in one of these planes, we must progress upward, before we can reach or remain with those whom we desire most; and for this reason there is a “hell,” so to say, for those who cannot attain what they desire which can only be by continual striving upward and onward. In this, however, they are constantly helped and assisted by spirit guides and helpers; so that progress is rapid, when it is really desired and worked for.

How We Turn Back To Communicate

On the lower planes of existence communication with those of Earth is, it is said, comparatively, easy; but this becomes increasingly difficult as we ascend in the upward scale. It has often been pointed out that descending to communicate with those on earth is something like going down to the bottom of a muddy pool; and those who desire to go to the bottom of muddy pools are very rare, even on this earth! Still, spirits moved by ties of love for those left behind, make the attempt from time to time; – successful or unsuccessful in proportion to favourable or unfavourable conditions. This however we discussed in former chapters. As we progress, we are said to acquire more interest in the new world; and lose interest in this, just as we gradually lose interest in one country when we move into another. New scenes, new interests, and the new environment gradually alter our line of thought; but just as we are always glad to see a relative or an old friend from the home town, or the “motherland, ” so are we most happy to meet and greet those who “pass over,” when their turn comes to join us in the spirit world.

How We Progress in The Spirit World

After these initial stages have passed, upward progress and development begin. For many, however, the shock of death has a very severe effect, especially in cases of suicide and those who have met with sudden and violent deaths. In such cases these spirits require some time to recover their normal selves, and have to be nursed back to health, as it were, on the other side. The same is true of those spirits who have had their minds affected by some mental or physical disease. But, after this stage has been passed, they all emerge into the brightness beyond, and begin their interest, their instruction, their learning and their progress of soul and spirit, as well as of intellect which is to occupy them for ages of time to come. Those who “die” are received and cared for by loving friends on the other side, just as they were when they were born into this world. One need have no hesitation nor fear on this account. Physical birth is a terrible experience, but we remember nothing of it; and there are always those present who will tender and care for us.In the same way, birth into the spirit world through the gates of death is, in many ways, a terrible shock; yet we are cared for by loving guardians and received with love and care finding happiness awaiting us when we pass from this world into the world beyond.

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