# 24 Talker At Work: Healing Energies In Motion

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Well now, have finally completed a long delayed project. Placed a short video on YouTube, that captured me doing energy healing. There is much more to this situation than is shown. The individual sitting quietly, was in a very serious car accident. I have photos of the car, and it unbelievable, that he is still with us. Some serious operations while in the hospital and a dismal prognosis were given. So, prayers, operations and energy work, won the situation. Not only do I talk the talk, I do, walk the walk, in healing work. Needless to say, I still ponder and question the “why”, of what appears as “unsuccessful” healing’s. As with the recent passing of my son. Ah, that turbulent river of doubt, anger, and frustration, that flows so abundantly through the mind, at these times. Wrestle the tiger, step aside, pray for understanding, question the efforts, doubt is alive and needs to be, must be stilled.
And So It Came To Pass.

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  • Anonymous

    “I still ponder and question the “why”, of what appears as “unsuccessful” healing’s.”

    If all healings were successful then people could live forever. From a spiritual point of view I think it’s obvious that would not be a good thing. So I think we have to accept that spiritual healing cannot work in all cases. But I agree we will wonder “why” it would fail for a young person and I think we have to assume there are higher purposes that we are not privy to.

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