# 25 More About The Talker and Healing

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Point of note, if interested in the knowing. I had trained, with the Burt Goldman, shown on the uTube videos listed here, below, way back in May of 1984. There are also many other videos along these same lines posted on uTube, give them a look.

( Burt Goldman videos )

( Talker video )

The video I posted on uTube, is a highly abbreviated version. Not shown were the photos of the car that was totally demolished, or what the person involved here, looked like, while in the hospital. What a mangled mess of flesh that body was. Notice too, in my video, the scar in the scene, showing, a back of the head view. That scar is one from a spinal repair, that was required. All the many operations were lengthy in duration. Another relative had been applying coconut oil to the all the cuts, and wounds at the hospital. The coconut oil, did an amazing job of healing those wounds. We would set up a family member to watch the door and guard, while “I applied my healing efforts”, this was done to avoid any problems with nurses or doctors walking in on us, while doing the healing energies part.
So, how about coming back and talking on some of your healing efforts, or what you may have posted elsewhere!

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