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August 20, 2004 Health Sciences

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Contributing Editor: Health Sciences Institute e-Alert, 8/1/2003
This week in the HSI Forum If you’ve ever heard about the healthy benefits of apple cider vinegar and wanted to find out more, there’s a thread on the HSI Forum this week that will provide all the information you need to get started. Titled “Apple cider Vinegar,” this thread feels like a friendly conversation around a kitchen table, with basic ideas expanded on, misconceptions straightened out, and experienced advice interspersed with interesting tips.
But don’t expect to stop by the average grocery to pick up apple cider vinegar (ACV). The consensus is that you need to use raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized ACV with the “mother” in it – usually only available at health food stores. And what is the “mother”? Here’s an explanation from an HSI member namedChris: “‘Mother’ in vinegar is the kind of webby looking mess floating in the bottle.” And while that may not sound too appealing, a member named lael explains ‘mother’ with more detail, comparing it to a yogurt culture: “The ‘mother’ is the bacteria culture that assists the fermentation process in creating the apple cider vinegar. From what I gather it allows the apple cider to turn to vinegar.”
In another posting, lael says: ” I drink apple cider vinegar daily. I began drinking it a couple of months ago. I think of it as an overall tonic that has helped me in numerous ways. It has increased my energy levels, helped my digestion. Jon Barron [an HSI Panelist] says that it helps eradicate aluminum from thebody.”
A member named Michael offers this ACV tip: “I am not familiar with the weight loss aspect of apple cider vinegar but when I think I am coming down with a cold, it is one of the items I take. In every case (100%) those who take it a couple of times a day, the cold symptoms go away much faster.”
Another member named Jane has this promising information for those with arthritis: “I’m in the UK where we call it just cider vinegar, where it is used principally for arthritis. Only use organic cider vinegar and never pour boiling water on it as that denatures it. If you’re not used to cider vinegar, start with a teaspoonful in a glass of warm water 3 times a day. Gradually increase the dose as you get used to it. Since blackstrap molasses is also good for arthritis, I add a spoonful of that to my cider vinegar drink, which makes it more palatable besides adding a lot more minerals than honey would.”
And lael adds this response to Jane’s posting: “I’ve had great results since using apple cider vinegar in regard to my joints. My knuckles are no longer irritated and stiff and the burning sensation I’d feel in around my knees when I’d bend down is gone.”
Other health topics being discussed on the HSI Forum this week include: The enhancement of bone-building and lymph circulation by “rebounding” is discussed in a thread titled “Trampoline question (bones, lymph).” “Prostate Cancer/vitamin E” provides a companion discussion to Wednesday’s e-Alert, “Icing the Pizza” (see below). In a thread about “Depression,” members offer alternatives to using drugs to treat depression To read the postings on these topics, or to add comments of your own, log on to our web site at

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