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I enjoy reading material for pleasure and research. Some research is very time intense, and performing what I call “followup” research, as pertains to the pro and con aspect, is the difficult part. I deliberately seek out the nay sayers, and peruse their reasoning. Often times, I find an outstanding title, on a topic, that superficially looks like it is way off base about what it expounds upon. Overwhelming the scant good “nay’s” of of the product involved, are those touting the high “yay” value of the very same product of what was written about in the first title. So the question now is, “is this product good or bad for you!” Soybeans as food fell into this category. What a revelation research into soybeans was. Can get to be very confusing. After all, I’m not a chemist, or laboratory researcher. The bottom line to me is, soybeans can really mess-up ones health, if eaten as suggested, by the, “soybeans are good for you” group. Oh yes, there is a use for soybeans, but not as a food. Fats and oils were next in the confusing arena. The three items mentioned are pretty well covered on my blog posts. Oh yes, some do question my credentials, and motives. Motive wise, I’m curious enough to want to know the truth of the matter, for no other reason, than to find out, which group of experts fumbled the ball. Credentials are another matter. I simply use what no high priced special education can replace.
That marvelous thing called “commonsense” thinking.
Another area that made my “what is the truth” list, was health and healing, the orthodox medicine versus alternative medicine field. Meat versus vegetarian diets. The good and the bad aspects of each method are “pro and con’d” by knowledgeable prestigious individuals in their field. Who am I to question them. But I did question them. Some to there face, and others through my blogs. Mostly I respect those prestigious individuals, that seem to be trying, to do their best, in what they do.
So when I see or read about how lives are harmed or destroyed by some of these prestigious individuals, and corporations, whatever their field of endeavors, by what they did, it makes me sad and to question the why of it all.
As I pursue my curious research into the pro and con of a procedure or product, I frequently find jewels in the clutter. When this happens in the form of a book, I generally do a write and post in my blogs.
Well readers, I found another jewel. It was in the form of a book called “Resurrection” by Sam Biser. For the record now, have purchased many titles and videos during the past two decades from Sam’s company. All were interesting and valuable to me. So I ordered Resurrection. When it arrived, I sat down and browsed through the book. First impression was, Sam you blew it. On closer examination and reading, here came my “Aha”. Unusual material, but still not what I had expected. So now came the critical page by page reading. What a surprise was in store for me. Found one sentence alone worth the full price of the book, the rest of the material was an added bonus.
I contacted Sam, with a special request.
Do the same offer for my readers.

Here is Sam’s reply:
Talker was impressed enough with my new course, Resurrection, for souls in broken bodies, to take advantage of a special offer. He knows my material, (and we go back a few decades), he felt that his readers would appreciate the same value offering. So for a time limited basis, here is what I Sam Biser, will do for him. to make the same special offer, for his readers, until December 15, 2007. My Resurrection Course sells for $35, but if anyone orders ( )
and emails us at the same time at and says Talker sent them, we’ll drop the price to $28 before their card is ever charged.
Basically, the Course creates a tremendous amount of force and new life in bodies that have used supplements for years, with only limited results.

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