# 29 More Ways of a Healer

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Had responded to a forum post with most of what is written here. While I don’t generally detail any specific method, this was a broad enough description to overcome my reluctance to do so. Have modified the original post some what for inclusion here, for those interested in energy healing. With this post in mind, view again my video:

There are many variables in any healing process. Much as I dislike using the orthodox medical profession, there is a place for them. Certain injuries require professional care. So, that said, mind power healing would be your next step, if surgery is not required for your injuries. Have used energy healing methods on many occasions, with various degrees of success.
Have listed a YouTube video showing one such process, see the above link.Regardless of what the process of energy healing is called, the how and what of it all, boils down to visualization, emotional intensity, and belief factors. So it takes practice and actually doing the healing methods, to, in most instances, build up ones confidence level, in energy healing. You will find numerous posts on my blogs along those lines. Quantum Touch healing methods are very effective, even if self-applied. Without spelling out which system is used, here is a run down of one basic method I’ve used, with various degrees of success. Will say though this process is not based on just any one system, but many.
1 – Get relaxed with an Alpha based method.
2 – Ask your God, to guide you
3 – Briefly see the problem ( mentally) you want to correct.
4 – With great detail, make necessary corrections to the problem or injury.
5 – This can involve (mentally) moving bones, sewing together,
gluing, welding etc, or what you feel or see as needed for a perfect
healing to take place.
6 – Hold that corrected, perfect (mental) picture/ scene in mind.
7 – Believe this has happened.
8 – Thank your God for the perfect healing.
Over simplified description, but it works. One does need to pay attention to any “feeling tones” while doing the process. Make any mental adjustments that seem appropriate to this healing while doing it. Depending on ones mental agility, this can be a few minutes in length or up to 30/ 60 minutes, or you feel that the healing session is done. As to whether this healing is immediate and perfect or delayed and requires more attention, give thanks to your God. Healing of ones body, if not contrary to the souls plan, has taken place and continues on an ongoing basis. Seems that even in the bible, (Mark 8: 22-25) , there was a bit of a healing problem involved. There can be unlimited variations of what is listed here, so go with the flow of thoughts. Numerous were the times, my “feeling tones” guided me, as opposed to what I thought was required. How much power the mind has over the body is still a learning curve for me, but will only say,” awesome control”.With some modification, I use this same process for “hands on healing or remote healing”.

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