# 32 Talkers Thoughts on Huna Healing

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# 32 Talkers Thoughts on Huna Healing

Did a post in regards to Huna healing concepts on another forum.

Felt it should be posted here also. Involved are a dozen or so, books on Hawaiian and Polynesian lore and healing. The question was raised “has any one used the healing concepts of the Hawaiian healing process called “The Huna Process of Ho’oponopono”

So here were my thoughts on that subject:

When first I read through Max Freedom Long’s material there were “feeling tones” of mixed emotions. As my interest in Hawaiian and Polynesian lore intensified, and various book titles were read, I was hooked, so to speak, on the Huna concepts presented.

Many were the occasions that I had questioned the teachings received during childhood, regards what is called “sin”, and why one needed to confess them. What is called sin by many, is considered “a wrong” but not a sin from what I was reading in these books. Seems that the only real “sin” in the material being read , is ‘causing deliberate harm’ to any living form. Wow, that is a new concept, that was in total conflict to what I had been taught.

Further reading lead to a new concept that made what I call ‘common sense’. If one harms life form, that is a sin, all else is considered “a wrong”, but not a sin. For me it was reaching the understanding of why the “wrongs” needed resolve, to make things “right”.

So anyway, back to the question. Healing with Love and Forgiveness is not what I call “cherry picking” a situation. It is an “all or nothing” effort. This is the hard to comprehend aspect of that statement.
Getting that “Love and Forgive All” into ones “ambiance” is easier said then done.
Did post on “ambiance levels” in my blogs. To that degree where ones beliefs are in fact, an actual part of your being, is what true healing is all about.

Have I reached that level as yet! Apparently I’m not yet there. Have had many wonderful experiences with healing though, coupled with an apparent lack of so called success in some instances. So back I go, deep introspection and review of surface beliefs with true ambiance beliefs. The differences are not always obvious. Do recognize that there are many other factors that enter when doing a healing, and not all seemingly failed attempts, are total failures. Very difficult to express nebulous concepts to an understandable level, when no word really seem to fit, in what is being said.

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  • Janna


    I’ve got a healing puzzle. I’m working on a dog – very sweet, 9 years old – who has just had her ear canal removed to get rid of a tumor that grew there. I’m helping out with pain control and accelerating post-surgical healing. Here’s the puzzle. Her owner – also sweet, in her mid-thirties – had a tumor that grew in HER ear canal as a teenager, and had to have her tumor surgically removed at that time. So, is there a connection?
    The dog’s tumor has tested malignant, even though she didn’t “feel” very unhealthy to me (I feel energy in my palms). The owner’s tumor was not malignant.
    For background: the owner is going through a divorce, and the dog was bought by the husband as a puppy, but as an adult bonded with the wife. It’s tempting to wonder if the dog didn’t want to “hear” their fighting, and grew a tumor to block it. But, I can’t help but wonder if there is a connection between the owner growing a tumor in her ear canal and the dog growing one 20 years later.
    Any ideas? Malignant tumors can return; maybe if there is a connection between the tumors it can be unraveled and severed preventing the tumor’s return?

    Thanks for any ideas,

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