# 33 Talkers Thoughts on Applied Healing Methods

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Posting an answer to a question about healing, that was, I felt, interesting enough to make it a stand alone topic. See the whole comment in post # 32, on this blog. Of course everything you read here is just the rantings of a nut case, to be taken with a grain of salt. Works for me though. How about you!
Janna said…
I’ve got a healing puzzle. Here’s the puzzle. Her owner – also sweet, in her mid-thirties – had a tumor that grew in HER ear canal as a teenager, and had to have her tumor surgically removed at that time.
So, is there a connection?
(Talker) My “feeling tones” say yes it is highly possible

The dog’s tumor has tested malignant, even though she didn’t “feel” very unhealthy to me (I feel energy in my palms). The owner’s tumor was not malignant.
(Talker) All living matter has intelligence at a level that is very little understood, and difficult to comprehend by most. Don’t get me wrong here now. I’m still learning about it.
For background: the owner is going through a divorce, and the dog was bought by the husband as a puppy, but as an adult bonded with the wife. It’s tempting to wonder if the dog didn’t want to “hear” their fighting, and grew a tumor to block it.
(Talker) Again, yes it is entirely probable and possible.

But, I can’t help but wonder if there is a connection between the owner growing a tumor in her ear canal and the dog growing one 20 years later.
(Talker) Many will just nod their head in disbelief, but as “thoughts are real” is starting to gain more attention, one takes on a burden with it.Think on it, the dog’s owner loves the animal. Thoughts in her mind could be ” hope you never get what I had and went through with my tumor, and die on me”. ( keep in mind that I am over simplifying here) Much will depend on the past emotional intensity involved here by the owner. The ” tumor thoughts ” may have/ could have, been received by the animal, and so the tumor starts growing in sympathy with the owner. ( again much is being left out here) The problem now escalates into guilt of the owner, increasing the negative emotions, once aware, that she may have contributed to the condition in some way. The negative emotional thoughts at this time, need to be totally eliminated. New thoughts must be of the animal, “in perfect health and romping around playfully. “Silva’s three scene technique” comes to mind and is one suggestion on how to set this up.

Any ideas? Malignant tumors can return; maybe if there is a connection between the tumors it can be unraveled and severed preventing the tumor’s return?
(Talker) Yes I agree. Keep in mind that what I’ve stated, also applies to all living matter. This is ( I feel ) a stumbling block with all healing. Many seek a healing method that changes with each instance. In essence doing some process “new” each time. Develop or use that which you are already using in healing and refine it. With minor adjustments you would be using the same process each and very time. Building more confidence as you progress and are successful. Now comes the bummer. Not every attempt at healing will appear to be successful. There are unlimited reasons why it may appear so. Much to lengthy to put here. Will admit here, that those seemingly failed, healing sessions, still hurt, and requires one to try and understand that other factors are indeed involved. Do if you will, read my posts on EFT. The EFT site has very interesting stories about surrogate healing. The Huna concepts are with a bit of effort, beautiful processes.
Thanks for any ideas,

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