# 34 Winters Itch Update to # 30 /# 31 by Talker

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Just came across a bit of information that seems a followup to what I had posted in # 30 & # 31 here. Before I mention anything further here let me caution you to do your home work. Work with or through a knowledgeable practitioner. Now, an acute case of winters itch may respond better than a chronic case, but may prove to be just what is needed to alleviate some problems. It does involve detoxification of the liver, from a totally different perspective. Long shot , but worth consideration. Whether you have or don’t have a gallbladder you can experience a lack of bile salts. If the gallbladder “was” removed, you definitely need to supplement bile salts. One can show everything from indigestion, dry skin, cataracts to cancer, if the bile flow in compromised in any manner. Must repeat again, use of bile salts were more effective with acute conditions of psoriasis conditions. Yes, yes, I hear you, you weren’t diagnosed with psoriasis, but psoriasis, is a skin problem the same as the winters itch condition. Anyway the information goes on to say, “disorders of the skin are one of the first signs of excess toxicity due to deficient or poor bile flow. Others signs may be, of all things, breast enlargement in older men, hot flashes, cysts, migraines, weight gain, mood swings, and depression. As if that weren’t bad enough, once the toxins start to accumulate in the lymphatic system, in the blood, in the joints and other tissues, at that point, one could be experiencing allergies, arthritis, and inflammation in the joints and muscles. So beets,lecithin,choline, turmeric, curcumin, yarrow, Oregon grape root, taurine, milk thistle, artichoke, and dandelion should be on you’re investigation list. All are supposed to help with normalizing things, that need it.
But what do I know about these things! I’m not a doctor.

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