# 35 Talkers Scoop on Poop

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On page 92 of a little book named “Common Sense Health and Healing” by Dr Richard Schulze, there is a question that reads,
” What the heck is a normal poop anyway?” I know, but do you?
Yes, yes, I know who wants to talk about poop! Before you click away though, read this. If you don’t have a few “floaters” in the john when your done doing your job there, you are not getting enough fibre in your diet, but lack of fibre is only part of the problem. Anyway, what do you have to lose if you check this information out.
I’ve not tried the poopdoc products as yet, but did find a load of information about constipation and the herbs that help correct the problem. Have for a long time used various products from the 800herbdoc site.

( this from the “poopdoc” site, you’ll find more info there )
In all cases of constipation; every person’s case is unique.
A person’s diet can be high in fiber and water intake and exercise regularly but the person can still develop constipation. Stress and changes in routine can even trigger constipation. Treatments that work for other people may not work for some. A balanced diet is enough for some but not for people with chronic constipation.
Constipated people should learn and become experts themselves. Regular (every quarter) cleansing of their colon is extremely beneficial. Using all natural products and staying as close to nature as possible leads to the greatest results.

Sites to visit:
Common Sense Health and Healing” ISBN 0-9671569-3-4

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