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There are many and various routine that can be utilized with any healing process. The same applies when one desires to restore or increase, ones own, energy level. Finding a healing process that one can use without all the complex processes and attached dogmatic concepts though, is another matter. Then there is ones own belief factor to cope with. On a personal level, I had one tough time getting to believe that I could actually do any kind of healing or energy work. Some thoughts involved were:
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So any way, it wasn’t an easy process for me. Doubt, religious concerns, and negative influences were present quite frequently. Two items out of the bible posed strong questions. ( John 14:12-14 “The works that I do”) and ( Mark 8:22-25 “Master Jesus had to work harder on a healing”) So here is the Jesus figure saying ” You can do the same things I’m doing and more”. My original thought was “give me a break, Jesus”. Then I read where Jesus had a tad of difficulty with a healing. So up pops another thought,”what gives here”. Well, eventually did to a large degree manage to some what understand what it was about. Working up miracles is still in the works. But am thankful for that which has been learned, and the many occasions of success with what I do. For sure though, beliefs are the main stay for the healer, and this is of the utmost importance in any healing endeavors.
Of the many methods found and tried, a book on the “middle pillar chakras routine for energy and healing” is a real jewel :
In 1932, long before it was trendy or even acceptable to say so, Dr. Israel Regardie wrote a book that linked prayer and meditation to healing. Sixty-five years later his book has been reprinted and repackaged. Thankfully, though, Regardie’s original voice remains unaltered. At face value, this is an instruction book, detailing a specific meditation practice that integrates the awareness of yoga’s chakras with the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life to present a daily tool for healing. The lesser-known value, however, is that this is a highly readable book that boldly explores what many healers are only now willing to say.
The True Art of Healing
Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: New World Library;
New Ed edition (February 12, 1997)
English Language:
ISBN-10: 1577310128
ISBN-13: 978-1577310129

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Originally Posted by jacob
I’d like to know if you think/know that you can feel the life-force energy?Either in your body, in your hands or from other people.How does it feel to you?
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Aloha Jacob,
Another interesting question, you pose here.As stated in other posts, can only reference that which takes place with me. Have endeavored to critique and analyze healing energy. Numerous other questions arise during that process. Really happening, fake, imagination, hot, cold, placebo effect, religion, spiritual level, upbringing, and the list grows, into a ” what, really is this process of energy healing about! “. Some what like electricity, many talk and speak of it, using various terms. No one, actually says what electricity ” is “. We use it daily, but don’t actually know ” what ” it is. Yes, one can describe it on ” how it’s generated and used “, but ” where does it come from ?” That is what I’d like to know. Same with ” healing energy “. Difficult to explain ” what one is feeling ” while using that energy. Yes, it appears that the palms of the hand are prime to feeling the sensations. How to describe that feeling is nebulous, when speaking about an ephemeral process. While a friend was ( without my being aware of it ) taking a video of me doing a healing session, here, to the best of my recollection, are feelings I had. Now, there were a few preliminaries, performed, before I went to ” level ” and did what is shown in the video. ( link below ). I used the palms to find hot or cold spots. The individual, had expressed some specific areas of discomfort. Some area feelings corresponded to that which I was feeling, but not all. As I went into ” level “, my strong ” feeling tone “was ” do the whole body “. That, I proceeded to do. Some areas were warm, some were cool but not hot, some places, gave no ” feeling tone sensations “. Keep in mind that the video, is not in actual time. the actual session, lasted approximately an hour. So, most areas, showing, my hands, at certain areas, were ” held still ” at that spot ” for various lengths of actual time. I would move my hands, according to an ” inner ” voice, that prompted, going on to another area. Impossible to actually describe, what was being felt. More like a ” knowing” as opposed to a “feeling sensation “. Do I feel this energy, any other time, no. When I inquire of the person, ” what were you feeling “, here again, there was no correlation to what I was feeling, but their answers ranged from, hot, cold, tingle, nothing, and strange. In only one instance, of many ” healing ” sessions, did I get a ” felt nothing at all “. Most, but not all did express ” feeling better “, after the healing session. So, felt or not, seems that healing sessions, do help /work, regardless of what is felt, or as in some situations not felt.

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