# 5 Free Will-Truth or Fiction

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Where to start and arrange the words and subjects covered into a congruous read! Honestly, and unfortunately, there will be no solution, no real answers, regards topics covered. Everything presented here is abstract speculation. Metaphysics, religion, God, Higher Power, spirituality, and reality are mainly speculation.One would think that at least reality could be understood. We experience it every day. Watch it though, seems that scientists have now found that quantum physics, indicates, that what we experience as our world, is not what we think it is. Still trying to sort this one out. Will at this time, leave out most of reality talk, for another post.Part of ones reality seems to include “free will”. That leads to choices and decisions. For instance, one can cheat, lie, harm another or purchase a purple and orange suit for dress up. Perhaps you helped care for a hurt animal or bird, maybe risked you life to help save a person in trouble. Even donated some cash to a charity while behind in paying the rent.So you made a decision and a choice. What you did was free will in action , right, or was it! One classical complaint regards free will, is mentioned in the bible. If your interested go to Romans 7:15-24. So now one needs to ask, does one truly have “free will”. This can be quite troublesome in ones life. Is there an explanation to this seeming paradox? Yes and no, are both in action here, at least it seems to be so.Have over time really pondered this issue. Also seems that others have looked into this issue. I’ve listed one site, that has gone into the subject quite well. It makes sense, but how to prove it, still remains an issue with me. Is it even possible to verify in any way? While I do have beliefs on this subject, will need to pursue it further.With the best of intentions, I include:With permission, this is a quote from “Light Whispers, October 5, 2005” newsletter.***DID YOU KNOW…FREE WILL***Did you know…your life can be written in stone and that you may actually have little or no free will? The events that you must experience may be so defined that no matter what you choose to do, the Spirit Guides will manipulate the situations and circumstances so that you end up doing what was written (which is often not what you thought would happen). You cannot change what is written.Did you know…you may have a lot of free will on your life path? It may not matter what you choose to experience in your life. If your spiritual goals and life blueprint do not have events that “must happen” for you to learn what you have chosen, you may be able to do what you want throughout your life.Did you know…different areas or aspects of your life might allow for different amounts of free will? That means that you may have a lot of free will when it comes to your job or career and you may have little or no free will when it comes to your romantic relationships. Each aspect of life is unique and the amount of free will that you have within that aspect depends on what you are here to accomplish in life.Did you know…you decide prior to being born what events will take place in your life and how much free will you will have during your lifetime? There is no one to blame for the experiences that you have or do not have in your life – you chose and agreed to have them.Did you know…if you have a lot of free will, when you make a decision it will affect your life blueprint and you will sit down in Spirit with your Guides and Teachers and make the necessary adjustments to your life path as you go?Did you know… One decision can affect other aspects of your life and that can affect predicted outcomes. That is why when you get a reading, your actions or decisions can change the outcomes of the reading. If you have no free will then what you have been told will come true when it is time.That you can find out if you how much free will you have in certain aspects of your life by
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    Brother,you are on a roll!These blogs are the window into your thought processes,though we do not alwayscomment, keep on keeping on for the rest of us!

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