# 7 Fake Foods and Your Health

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Just so happens , that I enjoy real bacon and real eggs ( peppered), with real butter on my toast. I enjoy buttermilk pancakes, drowning in real butter and real maple syrup. Just so happens that I DON’T enjoy soy bacon, soy ham, soy beef, soy eggs. Just so happens that I WONT eat or drink anything that says “diet “, “Fat Free”. “Reduced Fat”, “Sugar Free”, etc, unless I neglected to read the label. Just so happens that no “single food helping portion” is larger than what my palm would hold. It just so happens that I enjoy real food. Now need to go real organic.

Fake Foods – Real Problems
Carol Pagan
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Carol Pagan
January 10, 2007
It breaks my heart when I see dangerous advice given out by someone from the medical community. People who we entrust to take care of our health and well being.
I read another article a couple of days ago on heart health – by a doctor. In this article, he lists 7 or 8 ways you can replace real food with soy products. Soy milk, soy burgers, tofu., etc.
And here’s the fatal error –
The isoflavones contained in soy mimic female hormones. That’s why it’s pushed as a remedy for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. These compounds are also found in plastic packaging, in the pesticides used to treat our crops, and in the unnatural diets being fed to our livestock. In other words, we are being bombarded with female estrogen everyday.
“Well,” asked one friend who is up on nutrition, “Does that mean that the Japanese should have a high rate of Breast Cancer? Because they don’t, you know. ” Yes, I know.
The difference is – the soy products consumed in Asia are whole and the extent of their processing is a fermentation process. In the West however, it is torn apart and the chemical compound is totally changed.
The laboratory gods are intent on making up foods. They take the perfect foods that God has created, and ruin them. They take substances that God never intended for us to eat, and paste them together with fake flavoring and coloring and sell them to you.
Talk about a balanced diet. We get heart disease from fake fats. We get cancer from chemical compounds we were never meant to eat. We get diabetes from the overuse of corn-syrup that makes these fake foods so addicting.
So, what happens when you eat this fake food?
– You gain weight
– You get diabetes
– Your arteries start clogging up
– Your organs start malfunctioning
– Cells mutate into cancers
Really, most people are eating like lab rats.
“You mean all I have to do is stop eating fake foods andI will lose weight and get healthy again?”
Well, you might have to do a little more than that;
– Make sure you’re getting the nutrients your body needs.
– Get some exercise everyday.
– Get enough sleep.
– Drink enough water.
– Don’t skip meals.
Now that will give you a good start! There are also certain foods you can eat to target certain illnesses or other conditions.
to learn more about getting thin, healthy, and looking great by changing how and what you eat.
Carole Pagan –
© 2007

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