# 13 Roaming The Blogs

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Well now, have been online, visiting blogs at random. There are many blogs with very beautiful photos, and some that give off nice “feeling tones”, and where I would liked to have been able to read the posts. Wasn’t aware though, that some blogs that pop up, are, to my surprise, porn sites, and some are difficult to escape, apparently set up, to not let you readily leave that site. Was under the impression that those type of blogs , were to be flagged or give a warning of their nature, as, adult viewers only. Now I need to clear my browsers cookies, to get rid of them. Anyway, there are so many neat sites that show ” comments 0″. If a given site looks nice, interesting, or has a set of good landscape photos, why not leave a brief note! No, I did not leave comments on any porn sites. Wont deny that I did peek at a few, before leaving them though, but would not have wanted any of my young kids viewing them ( my kids are all grown up at this point ). Just be aware that some blogs are for adults only, even if no prior warnings are given. Interesting, was coming across blogs, from my old home town area, and other cities that I’ve visited while on the job, during my working career. Did bring back some memories from those days. Did post a “Did you ever work at” , on one of my blogs. So far no one has responded. Naw, I’m not a dirty old man, just just an old man with a keen interest in this beautiful physical world, and what makes it tick.

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  • Amy B.

    Hello –
    Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. I like to roam the blogs, too, and have also found that there are dangerous sites. I do have young children who have the link to my blog, so I wish there was a way to make sure they never click that “next blog” button. And notice that the worst blogs have no “flag button”. How do they do that? Must have to know HTML to take it out of their site. Happy blog surfing (there are some beautiful ones) and enjoy blogging, too!

  • The Talker

    Thanks you for the comment. Be sure to clean out your browser cookie cache, as it is a foothold to get that unwanted site into your computer.Use free Spybot and free Adaware to help. Otherwise the unwanted site CAN flash some nasty porn scenes, without warning.
    Be Well

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