# 19 The Pit In The Cherry and The Guitar

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Had decided that I was going to revive some old and long forgotten interests in music and playing the guitar. A few in the family are fairly adept in producing listenable musical sounds. I enjoy the sounds of the piano, organ, guitar, and the keyboards. Enjoyed a few of the older country music singers, and liked to listen to WLS’s, Barn Dance program. Didn’t progress much beyond that point though. Gave thoughts to buying another guitar, but no burning desire was present so held off doing so.

Shortly after those guitar thoughts, and while putting out the rubbish one day, I spotted a cream and brown guitar on top of a rubbish dumpster across the alley from where I was standing. So I walked over to check it out. Three of the five strings were gone, but otherwise nothing else was broken.

So I go looking for guitar stings. Huh, where did all the music stores move too? On line checking gave a confusing array of available guitar strings. Didn’t want to pop for something I had no idea about, the right guitar strings, for an alley found relic.

Talking about synchronicity and synergism is one thing, but experiencing it at work, is quite another.
From one son and his wife comes sets of guitar strings and a guitar tuner, with cording charts and music. From another son comes two guitar tuners. So here we have the old man, two sons, a daughter-in law, and a grandson, setting up that alley found guitar, into a new life.

A few hours of restringing and tuning took place. All is well. Was made aware that the tuning process will need to be done every few days as variables in the guitar, strings and temperature will cause changes in the sounds made. Sure enough that is a process that took place. One or more strings would give an “oh oh” wrong, (even to me) sound.

So where is all this headed, read on. Life is like a bowl of ripe luscious cherry’s. Enjoy the tangy pulp of the cherry, but don’t break a tooth on the pit stone. So while practicing cords, and getting tender spots on my finger tips, thoughts are popping in and out of my mind. Delicious cherry’s, cherry stone pits, guitar out of tune and how it all can relate to ones life. Like the cherries pulp, and in tune sounds from the guitar, there are many enjoyable things in life. The cherry pit stone and the flat out of tune guitar sounds are very much like the hard and rough times experienced in life.

So life has smooth and rough times, but do you stop eating cherries, and throw out the guitar! Nah, that’s not the real answer to the situation, is it! One just pays more attention to what is being done. Gentle bite on the cherry, tongue at work pulling the cherry pit off to the side, for disposal. Guitar re tuned for harmonious sounds.

If one ignores the off tune happenings in life, eventually, the one off tune string, will be joined by the others. This leads to a cacophonous admixture of tears, frustration, fear, and self-destructive thoughts. One can so easily get overwhelmed by the totality of it all they just give up, and suffer it through life. Quality of life is missing.

Rarely does all of ones problems come at one time. Although it may seem like they all arrived at one time. Like tuning that guitar, start with one problem and correct it. Keep correcting the problems one by one, and you will restore your life to a tuned state. My blog posts reflect many of my step by step attacks to problems, although it may not at first seem so.
Forums like
( )
(Link is dead, the author/owner, has abandoned his readers/users of this forum)
( )
along with
( )
(This site has made many site changes and I no longer try to keep up with it all)
also assist in fine tuning ones life experiences.

One needs to make that first move to correcting the mess you are experiencing. Now for your home work: Where I’m going here is “what are those thoughts you have right now” about your undesired condition. You may or may not have preconceived thoughts and desires that would, consciously or not, be tossed in to your, what I call “working the picture for my ideal life condition.” Until you know what your expectations are at this point, and to avoid messy undesired complications, get to know those expectations, before working the picture.

Now get a eight and a half by eleven yellow pad and fill all the pages, listing what your picture of your ideal and perfect life condition looks like, and how you can best harmonize with that picture. Now if you did the yellow pad list entries, with an honest open heart, you at least have an idea of your expectations of life. Spend some time, like two or three weeks, to weed and winnow the list you made. This is an amazing process in revealing the innermost private, and perhaps even unknown to you thoughts.

Now you will find and laugh at some entries, and cross them off, as not at all important to you. Keep at it though, cross off what’s not relevant, or add what new comes to mind. What you ultimately will wind up with is a composite thought picture, of your ideal life requirements. Now from this list, rewrite the list using only what was not crossed off. Now picture yourself with these ideal life conditions, living out your dreams, doing what you felt you wanted to do and places to go too, and weed and winnow some more of the new list you made.

Dream it real and happening. How does it all “feel” now! Would this fulfill your dream! If no further changes are needed, for a few weeks, view your write as “my dream come true.” When you feel at peace with that dream, release it to the Universe for fulfilment. How it all comes about or happens is no longer you’re concern. Just know it has happened.

“God of my heart, you know my needs, you know my
desires and needs. Deep within me I feel that perfected life
manifested . You knew my perfected life was waiting for me,
and that I only needed to ask. Thank you for guiding and bringing me to my perfected life manifestations in your loving way, Thank You.”

Now let it go, knowing fully and believing that this has come to pass. So a process similar to what I described, is how you can start it “working”. Until you can even perceive it as a possibility, nothing will change. Change will commence though, as you start to realize that the key to the betterment of your life, starts with you.

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