# 9 New Health,Psychic and On-Line Business Trends In Motion

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Well now, it appears that online business and offerings, from various sources, that were once free, has greatly matured.
What was once simple and easy, to implement, is rapidly shifting to, complicated and costly. Recognized is the fact, that you have to make money to stay in business. The freebies offered on-line is a process called “list gathering”. Your name and e-mail address is what they wanted. So far so good. Have no problem with that. Had even purchased various offerings if the price was reasonable. There is good material available. The bulk of the offerings are on, list building and re branding, of various e-book material. Other offerings are on, how to steal some other online website offerings, and redirect any purchases being made to your site. So shabby ethics has taken on a new meaning. I receive dozens of offering based on “The Secret”, that started out in a simple manner. The simple, rapidly escalated, to various membership levels. Each level, of course, at a price, PER MONTH. I guess that is a good way to have steady income.What was interesting were the various methods used to make sure you came back to the site, for more information or to join. Deliberate methods to confuse, and frustrate your efforts to get more information, continued for numerous e-mails. Once you were allowed the real information, more bait was offered in the form of a discount, helping you, to decide to buy. Of course, apologies were offered along with the discount, but what you didn’t hear or read was the “got you hooked”.
So, there are some, that are making money, based on “The Law of Attraction”.The merry-go-round continues, as above, with health, psychic, and metaphysical offerings. Yes, yes, I know you have to make money to stay in business. Once you bite at the baited hook, in comes the various levels again, at a price PER MONTH. One is asked to join at any of the numerous levels, ranging from $50 to $1000 PER MONTH! In all fairness, at the least two on online sites, offer a payment plan or a “what could you pay”. Now I’m not saying, that this kind of information is not worth it, some of it is, some of it is rubbish but not all of it. The hard part is getting a refund on the rubbish portion. Now I do buy some programs to evaluate and keep if they are good, and within my field of interest.
Mostly though, I go for a hard copy, in the form of a book or a DVD. I dislike e-books for a number of reasons, portability and print out. I dislike not been given the option of what the printout will look like. Most all of my books, are notated with my thoughts, comments, and questions raised,for future reference. Well, enough for now.

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