# 11 More Hyperbole, Hypocrisy and Nonsense

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So now, what is safe these days. Where has common sense and wise counsel fled too. Who is raping the public trust and money. Small companies buy big companies. Big companies buy little companies. Banks are merging. Newspapers are merging. Giant food companies are merging. Airlines are merging. AM and FM radio is merging. Telephone companies are merging. Television stations are merging. Appliance companies are merging. Automobile companies are merging. The list goes on and on. All this merging, so the company can become more competitive and profitable. Ah, good,.but what really takes place. Layoffs eliminate important parts of a business. Things like quality control, quality assurance and safety measures. How else can one explain the E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella, and other harmful conditions to take place in the food supply! Unsafe baby cribs! Lead in toys. Cars just off the assembly line, needing to be recalled for unsafe conditions! Rampant and insane executive salary’s! Pension plans screwed up! Health insurance for employee’s dropped! The chief honcho, gets a 100 million dollar bonus, and more options at a reduced price, and promptly lays off, a mass of employees, cancels health insurance, and sits back, while the company goes bankrupt. Then the company waits a while, and presto, come out of bankruptcy, with a large group of investors getting a royal screwing, while a select group become billionaires. Politicians are worried, that far to many people, still have a buck or two put aside, from the old days. So they scheme and plan, on how can we change that status? So it goes, raise taxes, tell the public how bad this and that is, and the great need, politicians have, to feed their ” pork ” barrel. Send the young generation off to war, give them a chance to become hero’s, for their country. Never mind, that if they survive the war, and lose arms and legs, and mental abilities, we can always dump them in a government facility somewhere, and mostly hide and ignore them, as it is expensive to provide the proper medical care for them. So what am I saying here? Conspiracy! Plan to control the world! Nah, only that common sense and integrity, has taken a wrong turn. Nothing wrong, with being a billionaire, it’s what was done to get there. So, here are some places, that may help you, be part of restoring, some common sense in your life’s actions. Must be having a weird day to be writing this.$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01

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