# 14 More Gay Common Sense Is Needed

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Well now, do apologize for going off on a tangent in recent posts. Recent headlines, news/television stories, and certain forum posts, just made no sense to me.With that in mind, I posted:
(Saturday, October 13, 2007# 13 Was Jesus Gay! Who Said That!
(My feelings on what I say, in response to the above)
( from: )
# 3 Soul Food
Many times while speaking on religion with friends or proselytes, they erroneously conclude at times , that I am some what irreligious. Not so.
Well now, seems that the pot has been brought to a boil. How dare I post words about Jesus, like in that # 13 post! Good. That shook you up,huh! Lets go to the pertinent and obvious question. Did that change your feelings in any manner about Jesus The Christ! If that post, was in fact, true, would the words he spoke, now become less valuable! Would you now leave the Christian ranks! Would Jesus now become a target for your vituperative rantings! How about The Blessed Virgin Mary! What if she wasn’t a virgin at the times of Jesus’ birth! Even Joseph, her new husband, had a problem with that pregnancy.Ah yes, all are,irreverent, irrational thoughts. But to me, those thoughts are highly, irrelevant, and the “what they were”, has absolutely no meaning in relation to the “what they represent” factor. That same principle should apply in all fields of ones thinking process. Especially in world matters.So am I being irreligious here, no, not at all. If anything, I am guilty of having a very curious mind. Some common sense has come about, regards unwed mothers. It’s high time for that same common sense, to be applied to those that happen to be mentioned, as being homosexual. Not all homosexuals, are predatory, yet there are predators that are not homosexuals. So why not apply that wonderful gift of “common sense”, that, worldwide, seems to be rapidly fading into obscurity.

My post point is this, if some valid document were found that definitely pointed out that the person called Jesus was gay, would you still honor the words attributed to him?

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