# 1 OOOpsie

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If you want it this will be your new blog.
Instructions from blogger will follow.
You will be able to change to what you want.
Be Well
The Talker

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  • kathymsome

    It’s beautiful out there today, a perfect autumn day. We finished collecting and turning in for MDA, our collection we donated was $280.00 but when you saw all the collectors sign in and their collection amounts you knew we were right all the penneys and nickel add up to dollars that can hopefully make a difference.
    Real estate is another matter, the family one I’ve been working, part 2 closed yesterday, I thank the heavens and stars for that, and will need a while to get over the trauma that got passed onto many, if people only knew you can get more with honey, you don’t have to spit and scream at everyone you encountered, the word gentle comes to mind, something we taught my dog when I was 6. For some people it’s a hard word to use in daily life with others.

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