# 3 Me Do Oils !

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Ah, for the times I did oil paintings along with Bill Alexander, while watching his TV show.

These are crude, but oh, what a feeling to even get these. Roses gave me a problem, more so than the others. Recall wiping off the roses painting dozens of times before any semblance of roses took place. One day I spotted an ad, stating Mr Alexander was giving a demo at a local mall. So, I took my crude pride and joy, rose painting, to see if I could get some verbal encouragement from Mr. Alexander. He was quite the gentlemen, verbally, and he smiled and laughingly said “not bad”, I’ve been painting roses most of my life, and they still give me trouble”. Mr Alexander, has passed away, but “Thank You Bill’.

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  • AA

    I like your paintings. Your blogs are informative. I’m just now having the time to read and digest all of them. Keep expressing yourself. A lot of people enjoy the information but do not wish to leave comments because of the requirement to create a Google account. Not everyone creates a “spare” E-mail address for such purposes. Keep up the good work. AND–PAINT AWAY–you have talent!

  • juliainkc

    Hello Talker,

    Wow!! Such amazing talent. Thank you for sharing your ‘gift’.

    Many Blessings and Be Well,


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