# 8 A Letter To Mike

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Memorial  Mike 1949 - 2007here-we-are.jpg
Mike 1949 – 2007

So you beat me to it. Always felt that I would precede everyone with that final trip. You snot, I know that you are laughing your fanny off thinking you put one over on dad. Gonna bust your butt when I catch up with you. Well, it’s not easy coping with the large void left with your passing. Seems that not a day goes by where some incident will trigger a memory involving you and one of the family. Of course, there now is, a flood of feelings and tears flowing that tie in with those memories. Given enough time, perhaps the butt ripping hurt will diminish some what. The retirement diner that you were going to be a cook in, is running in full swing. S, S and P are busy along with K, even little M is involved. Bunch of family and friends went in for a breakfast, and the place was humming with activity. I’m sure you are nagging away with frequent suggestions on what needs immediate attention. Anyway, whether it’s force of habit or a memorable love, there is pretty much always place holder chair or plate set out for you. I always wondered why one bawls a river on anyone passing on to a better place, when one should be shouting out in joy. Guess it’s the immediate loss of some thing that was perhaps overlooked while experiencing it. Had the family Christmas get together with frequent sad moments of loud silences, and sneaky eye wiping of an unwanted tear. So for now and until we meet again, know that we all love you, and enjoy a good Christmas with the Big Boss, and hint a good word for us all, while your at it .

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