# 1/50 Conversational Perspectives

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If you want to argue a point, go elsewhere to do it.

Some times one needs to bump thoughts with another person to clear away the fuzziness. Not to argue a point, but to simply share whats on ones mind, and to gain better perspective on a given.
Right or wrong is not what I’m pointing out here.
Just an outlet to voice a thought and share it.
We all share a bouquet of beautiful roses called life. Of course, some will only experience the thorns, while some others will flip-flop the beauty of life. So do you need a shin whack or a hug!

Talker, I need some help with….. !

Talker, you were right on , but what about….. ?

Talker, you are completely off base about….. !

Talker,……… ! ?

So the door is open, try it out for size. Use the “Comments” segment.

Do read the Post ” Recheck Posts For Added Data” before you start.

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