# 12 How is it to be actually Inserted!

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Tons of information is available, on doing HTML. What is lacking , at least for the situation I’m trying to decipher, is multi-faceted. One is to get ALL the information between the tags and the tags to show as a posting.

<Blogger> ……MTEntries…….</Blogger>

Well that finally ran right. It ran AS a POST ,which is what I wanted.

Found more samples and will try it next, here.


So now try:


Ok, now to get the actual code to show again!

<Blogger>how does it look</Blogger>

So , while actually doing HTML code is / seems formidable , it does start to make sense if one keeps writting it and doing an actuall post with it.

Starting to make sense, finally.

Ah, the sweet taste of success.

[code] —– keyboard keys you need to use to enclose a quote
———- [quote] what text you want here [/quote] ———

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