# 8 More I Learn, Less I know

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While this is not a complaint per se, it does qualify as an annoyance. Seems that all the information regards HTML and posting new code to a Blog to update it, is from a more experienced viewpoint. Try to find the place referred to as “Permalinks”, or as the instruction may say, ” the appropriate spot”. As I seek the possible area to put in the “new paste code” all the existing code some what blurs into a mass of “nonsense”.
How does one know what is old code as compared to new code? Do you add in all the “new code” as is or do you need to “fit ” it in “the appropriate place”, (!)after you remove some part of “tags”! So look up more tutorials and bits of code information. Get smarter while doing so, ( LOL ) but no answers to what I need. For some it must appear to be a “cut and dried” process, for me , its as clear as advanced trigonometry and calculus.
Oh well, back to the template.

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