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Well now, It has been quite the busy time, and even kind of frustrating. Initially when notice came through that I could now switch over to the new Beta Blog, I had no idea of what or how things would go. The actual transfer from the old to the new version, went along well, but all special things were not moved. Like the counters . So very confidently, I inserted a script from my original counter site, into the new beta version and promptly got hung up. So started searching for help, and kept hitting dead ends. Blogger would pop-up a notice about a wrong set of data that needed some tags put in. Well I tried various combinations with no success.Seems that the coding has been tightened up and old ways just didn’t cut it. After a ton of aggravations, finally did get a site that offered a free counter, and proper code for the new version of Blogger. That went very smooth. Now need to study the new saved code for what made the difference. Now need to figure out how to get the listed sites to activate. Ah, got it, had to get out of edit HtML, and into compose.

Here is where I found what I needed.

Here is where I picked up prior information:

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