# 18 Mercury Insanity Continues

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Mercury Insanity Continues.

Not to worry BIG BROTHER is looking out for you and protecting you’re health, right. You decide who is giving us all the big shaft. In the year 2012, if no major war wipes us all off the face of the earth, ones home can / will be declared a safety hazard, if you break any or to many, of the new “will have to buy and use, “Compact fluorescents” bulbs.Already and right now it is illegal to dispose of the ordinary fluorescent tubes, by just tossing them into the rubbish container. Under certain conditions you would have to actually move out of your home until a cleanup was performed. So, even rugs, vacuums, clothing, would have to be replaced (no washing mind you) and air ducts replaced, etc.. So how else to get rid of ten million pounds of stored mercury! Make the public buy it. Right.


New light bulbs can poison you
Despite congressional mandate for CFLs by 2012, U.S. EPA says they shouldn’t be used everywhere

Posted: February 26, 2008
8:36 pm Eastern
Compact fluorescents can contain from 1 to 30 milligrams of mercury, according to the Mercury Policy Project. The nonprofit cited a New Jersey study that estimated that about two to four tons of the element are released into the environment in the U.S. each year from compact fluorescents.

Soon-to-be released results of tests conducted by the state of Maine confirm earlier states’ findings suggesting that under certain conditions mercury vapor released from broken CFLs can pose a health risk. As a precaution, states such as Vermont are now suggesting removal of carpeting where breakage has occurred when there are infants and pregnant women present. Other states such as Massachusetts are likely to recommend that CFLs not be placed in fixtures subject to breakage in areas frequented by sensitive populations.

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